Can We Stop the Sweep?

Sure would be embarrassing to get swept out of Queens by LA….

Game thread..

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    It’s starting to get ugly around here!

  2. AverageIdiotFan Says:

    I wanted to be the first to blame the bullpen for losing a game in which they threw four scoreless innings, allowing a hit and two walks, before giving up the winning runs in the 12th. It was obviously the pen’s fault when the Mets didn’t score in the 10th with two on and nobody out.

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    AIF: Exactly!!

  4. Former Mets Fan Says:

    WHen you have a AAA type team in the majors…you end up losing a lot. The Mets are effectively a AAA team. Neiwenhaus, Nickeas, Turner are all not big leaguers. Nice trade giving Pagen away for Rameriz and useless Torres. And for CHRIST SAKE TERRY…when you have a runner on second and you need him moved over, you might not want Mr. Hariston up there. CEDENO was on the freaking bench and he can actually bunt. WHAT A CRAPPY TWO WEEKS THIS TEAM HAS HAD. THEY ARE A AAA team in the bigs and it is all showing now.

  5. AverageIdiotFan Says:

    Torres is crap but how can people want Angel “Dumb as a box of” Pagans back? I know he’s hitting ok but he was the king of the backbreaking baserunning or outfield mistake.

    I will agree with those who don’t like TC’s tactical maneuvers. He does a nice job of rallying the players and getting maximum effort but he is awful when it comes to Xs and Os.

  6. metfan88 Says:

    it’s only so much a collins or any manager can do with this average ( thats just being generous) talents. Freaking alderson said they will be buyer, BUY WHAT??? they dont make trades when needed, they need someone or couple good bats in lineup that U can say” i know this guy will come thru with game winning HR or hit”, they dont have THIS guy in lineup, not wright, not davis, not Duda, NOBODY!!! then U have the academy nominated bullpen, everybody gotta GO! Im sick of PARNELL, the RAMIREZes, batista, etc! I dont trust Alderson & the wilpons! They wont do a thing, well, they will, maybe bargaining some CHEAP bat or arm next month ( by then I’ll be into football already). Im so sick of this management, minaya was terrible, but he got gut to make moves, alderson likes to bargain ( i think he probably shop at those places alot on his offdays).
    I’m been fan for 24+ yrs, grew up NYC, now lived in MA, but I still follow mets everywhere I go. I normally go to couple games a year, but if they dont show me EFFORT, I wont show my $$$ to them!

  7. metfan88 Says:

    everybody gets blame for today’s game:
    1st, when U outhit the opponent by almost 1/2 dozen more hits, U should WIN right?, no cause no 1 was capable of coming thru when game on the line. They had runners in late innings, but never cashed in!
    YES the bullpen HOLD LA to 4 innings, but when U lead MLB with worst bullpen ERA, its only matter of time B4 1 of those guys in pen give away the game!
    I’ve been saying all along, yes, many of them R homegrown, but many R just AVERAGE player( that included Kirk, duda, thole, turner, Murph)!!! stop kidding ourselves!

  8. Howard Says:

    We have a AAA team except for a few players. Cream rises to the top and crap goes to the bottom.

    And please someone tell me how/when we will ever get a big stick in the lineup. And not AAA mediocre crap like Duda.

    But dont worry, the Wilpons are as happy as can be. They resolved their Madoff situation and are bringing in plenty of money from the Mets. The Wilpons, not a care or worry in the world. They have us sucker Mets fans. Hey, we were in wildcard contention until almost the end of July. Maybe next year they will add a couple of more wildcard spots and then we will make it worth watching this team till the beginning of August.

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