Another Series Loss

1-8 in our last 9 and yet another series lost.

Batista got banged around but I’d venture to guess he gets another start, ¬†especially with Johan hitting the DL with a tender ankle AND Matt Harvey got smoked in his Sat AAA start.

I still think Batista can maybe do a decent job.

Maybe we should take some comfort these losses are close games and the Metsies are battling back but it feels like this team is close but not good enough to play over .500 ball.

Still though we’re slipping deeper into the abyss of non-playoff teams.¬†

We gotta turn this around and fast. 

Even though the Dodger series is lost maybe if we salvage this final game… I feel silly even finishing that thought.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    The worry for me is that the players can’t let this get them in the same funk that the fans get in. In the past it seemed that was absolutely true. I think TC has elimated that a little.

  2. AverageIdiotFan Says:

    I demand a quick fix that mortgages the future in a futile attempt to salvage the present despite the fact this team isn’t really a playoff contender. Then when that fails miserably, I will criticize management for the very same idiotic moves I demanded.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Adios 2012 Baseball Season!

    I’m ready for some football!

  4. foxster Says:

    My son, who still attends Met games at CitiField (someone gives him the tickets) has told me that there are large signs posted at Citi’s entrances that read:

    do you think he’s pulling my leg?

  5. Howard Says:

    The Mets went into the season deciding that they were not going to spend money but rather wait for their prospects to mature, fine, dandy. But why did they not signficantly lower cost of tickets to go along with the huge decrease in payroll and completely mediocre product on the field? Does anyone realize the amount of revenue this team generates from tickets sold, SNY, and sponsors including I believe the $20 million a year from Citibank. Mets management screws over the Mets fans left and right.

    I still contend that when you are in a sport with no salary cap, a completely uneven playing field of the haves (big cities) and the have nots (small cities) and you cannnot put a winner on the field year after year after year, you are a sorry, pathetic organization.

    If I was the Mets organization, I would return all of their AAA players back to where they belong in Buffalo and let them fight it out for a AAA championship.

    I wonder if there has ever been a worse contract in the history of baseball than the Jason Bay contract. If anyone knows of a worse one, please let me know.

  6. AverageIdiotFan Says:

    Bobby Bonilla’s contract
    Mo Vaughn’s contract
    Barry Zito’s contract
    Carl Crawford’s contract
    Carl Pavano’s contract

    Those are just quick off the top of my head.

  7. Irish Mike Says:

    We’ve been through this before. Bay may not be in the top ten worst free agent signings ever and he’s not even the worst in the Mets history. Avgidiot up there has a good list. On the overall list add Mike Hampton, Kevin Brown, Albert Belle, Chan Ho Park etc. On the Met list add Roberto Alomar.

    Eclipsing all of them some day will be A-Rod’s. I can’t wait to see his numbers in 2017.

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