From Johan to Jordany 

Yikes ! 

What is going on with Santana? He got pounded again and it feels like its time to worry. 

Hey, guys definitely go through slumps but considering he had that 130+ pitch No-Hitter it’s hard not to think it may have had an adverse effect after all.

BMF has said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care if his career is ruined forever, it was worth it for the No-no. And even if he never records another out for the Mets he’s Met Royalty and always will be.

When is TC gonna let Valdespin play every day? Jordany did it again with his 4th PH HR, a 2 run blast this time. It’s crazy how much the kid is showing us in limited AB’s he NEEDS to PLAY! 

If we were winning and had 3 OF’s posting quality numbers then I might buy the “we like his bat off the bench in a PH role” argument. But we’re not winning and Duda is the only OF performing well enough to deserve regular AB’s

Despite the L the Mets showed their mettle battling back all night. But a loss is a loss and I think we’re in for a much rougher half than the first 80 games.

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