Where’s the O?

If we’d generate any offense at all in the first 8 innings we’da won that game. 9th inning solo shots from Wright and Bay (!) got them within one but we’d leave with a 4-3 loss.

Chris Young did his thing again limiting the Nats to just 2 runs in 6IP. Actually he’d posted 5 shutout innings only to serve up a long ball in the 6th.

This solidified the book of CY - Great first 5 frames but surrenders runs in the 6th and/or 3rd time thru lineup. You can take that to the bank.

Having lost 6 straight we’re now 8 games out of first and 5 back in the WC. At just a game over .500 we now find ourselves closer to last than first.

Hard to imagine we don’t get swept today in a business man special.

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  1. Luis Says:

    Bullpen management has me puzzled…could Parnell not have thrown the 10th inning Tues night? Is he not capable of 2 innings pitched??

  2. Patrick Says:

    This is how we were supposed to play in the first half.

  3. Howard Says:

    When Bautista, a guy who cannot get a guy out, starts the game on Saturday, that is all that needs to be said about the entire Mets organization.

    Since the Mets are playing the Nationals right now, lets take a look at their organization. They signed Ching Ming Wang as a free agent and although he has not performed, they do not let him bring down the entire team. Jason Werth, a guy they paid a ton of money to underperforms last year and is hurt this year, they have quality guys to fill in. And look at their bullpen, solid as a rock.

    The Mets organization is a sad one, not a care in the world if they win, lose or draw. Just throw out a mediocre team which makes some money at the gate. And this organization has been as lucky as one can get this year with Santana being healthy the entire year and Dickey performing as he has.

    The Mets organization knows how important the bullpen is and recruits guys (Francisco, Rausch) guys who bombed last year. Would a quality organization bring in bullpen help who already proved they had nothing? Well, the Mets organization would.

    And get this one. My sisters family is going to the Mets game in AZ since they will be out there while the Mets are in town. $35 for great seats for a Diamondbacks game. The Mets though totally rip people off at the gate, charge an arm and a leg for food and drinks, and tof course they get tight with our money given to them when it is time to purchase necessary players like quality bullpen help and a CF.

    I do not blame the players. Most of them are just not that good. The Mets Management is pathetic.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Howard for President!

  5. Howard Says:

    As my first order of business as President, BlondiesJake must present all blog posts to me for approval before posting.

  6. JoMama Says:

    What Howard said.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Heath Bell - Disaster
    Andrew Bailey - Hasn’t pitched due to injury
    Papelbon - Mediocre
    Fuentes - Awful

    I’m sure there are more closers signed that have flopped I just don’t feel like researching. Once again, I’d love for Howard or JoMama to tell me who the Mets should’ve so obviously signed because they would make the bullpen good.

    My favorite part of Howard’s argument is how Mets management doesn’t care whether they win or lose. Losing means many fewer fans in the stands. Fewer fans means fewer tickets sold, which means less money. Fewer fans means less leverage with sponsors, vendors, etc. If they are only concerned about $, having a losing team isn’t helping them.

    Bottom line is your argument doesn’t make sense. Management took chances on relievers and they didn’t work out. If they make moves or deals just to appeal to the lunatic fringe of fans like yourself, then they should be fired.

  8. Howard Says:

    BlondiesJake, did you not read above? My bill has been passed by the Senate (Jo Mama) for you to pass all posts by my desk for approval before they can be posted.

    BlondiesJake, let me try to make this as simplistic as possible for you to understand. The Mets have to field a roster of 25 players and obivously have to have a bullpen as part of the roster. But the way the Mets do the math, from an economic point of view, it is in their best interest to pay as little as possibe for the roster because they feel that under the worst circumstances, they will still have a certain guaranteed gate for the year. And the cost of obtaining quality players is more financially damaging than the incremental losses in gate revenue for having a lousy team.

    I hope that the last line didnt throw you off too much.

    And again, please pass all posts by me for approval. I am trying to maintain the quality of the blog for others.

  9. foxster Says:

    i understand that my local newspaper The Newark Star Ledger is moving all news and articles regarding the NY Mets from the Sports Pages to the Obituaries. no reason was given for the impending change

  10. Howard Says:

    That was funny Foxster.

  11. JoMama Says:

    I have 2 for you BJ: KRod and Huston Street.

    Your acceptance and defeatism is truly shocking. So what if they’re better than expected - SI had them finishing DEAD LAST with 75 wins. Better than that is really no stretch. Sure they’re scrappy, they have some fight but considering we’d be flying high in 1st if we had one decent arm in the pen, instead of clowns like the one’s we have, means management didn’t want to spend and thousands of fans like yourself are in acceptance of mediocrity. It’s insane and I’m not OK with it.

    Does that mean I want all our farmhands traded for some bullpen help? s**t no. But there were better guys available, they knew the pen was the biggest issue and they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. Why would management change a thing when they have thousands of fans like you who are OK with the product they throw out everyday, with no immediate changes to come?

  12. Lord Charles Says:

    “I am trying to maintain the quality of the blog for others. ”

    Then leave.

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