Spring Thoughts

Let’s get this season going with a few random thoughts / blasts:

• we gotta give Perez and Castillo a chance to succeed. Trust me I have next to zero hope for Perez but Castillo is better than the average Met fan wants to give him credit for.

• Sorry Luis. Sorry Murphy. BMF is rooting for Brad Emaus to win the second base job. I don’t even know why exactly. I always liked Murphy I guess I’m just looking for new blood to root for

• Does Jeff Wilpon really think we’re gonna believe him when he tells us they’re not selling controlling interest in the Mets. — OK Jeffy boy it’s not like the Wilpons haven’t already been exposed by NYT for being far less than honest.

• Psssst Jeffy, even your Daddy’s buddy Selig is publicaly saying he’s worried your family won’t be able to keep the Mets.

• Does having Madoff vouch for you from his jail cell help or hurt your credibility?

• Disappointed to hear Rays owner Stewart Sternberg isn’t interested in the Mets. Too bad the New Yorker would make a great owner.

• Looks like USS Maine is going to be signing with the Phils. I’ll take that as a sign he’s sure to regain his form.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Heading to PSL with alot of “Hopes and Dreams” today!…Gonna keep it positive today!

    Random thoughts:

    1) With 27 pitchers in camp, who the hell is gonna catch all of them!

    2) Only game that sold out is the Red Sox game here.

    3) Thank goodness players have the name on the back of their jerseys!

    4) The Mets printers must be working overtime to find good things to say about these guys in the Media Guide.

    5) Can’t root for Castillo!…2nd base has become and offensive position….Go Murph!

    6) Meeting Shannon Shark from “Mets Police” on opening day here next Sat. at the Tiki Bar for a beer!

    75 and sunny..baseball and beer, whats not to like!

    BMF: Jack up the prices for the “GO BIG PELF SHIRTS!…since he is now our ace!

    Boy did it take forever for today to come around!

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    9 more days till the first spring training game! I’m psyched!

    1) I agree BMF, Spring Training is a chance for everyone to start over and prove they the best player for thier position. Until Opening Day or whenever, 2nd base and a spot in the rotaion is for Castillo and OP to lose.

    2) Castillo, Murphy, Emaus or whoever else is competing for the 2nd base job, I don’t care who gets it as long as they prove they are the best person for the job. I don’t care if we platoon all three, if we win, lets dot it!

    3) I am not a fan of Jeffy boy, but if you were in his shoes, would you come out and say “yeah, we’re probably going to sell the team and lose this whole Madoff trial.” As a fan I like that he’s showing confidence that they will come out victorious in this trail. I don’t know if it’ll happen but I’d rather see him have faith than not.

    4) Selig and the Wilpons are friends, I’m sure Selig doesn’t want to lose a friend / owner and risk someone buying a team in NY and screwing it up like the Kincks did for the better part of a decade.

    5) Its a double edged sword having Madoff vouch for you. On one hand it could look good on your defense that the guy scamming you is saying he did all this without you knowing over the course of many years. Of course that’s also the negative side of the argument as well.

    6) I don’t care who buys the 20 - 25% of the team. As long as they have the money and will invest to make the team better and do whatever it takes to build a winner and convince good players to want to sign with us.

    7) As for the USS Maine potentially signing with the Phillies the question I have is not when will he pitch a no hitter / perfect game but will it happen when the Phills are here or when we visit Philly?

    FMFR: Enjoy the weather and the baseball. Jealous that I can’t get down there this year. Have a beer for me!

    Let the baseball begin!


  3. JJ Says:

    Only one comment…


  4. Jeff Says:

    BMF, you’re making sense with OP & LC — we’re already paying for them, so give them a shot. That doesn’t mean you stick with them if they SUCK.

    As for the Wilpons, I root for the Mets, not them. They are not the Mets, any more than previous owners were. None of us have the least bit control over this team — we either choose to stick with them and cheer them on, or we go somewhere else, right?

    If Stew Sternberg is the guy who had an awesome interview on WFAN last year, he’s obviously a very, very knowledgeable baseball fan. Just because he takes a pass now doesn’t mean he won’t be involved down the road.

    Maine to the Phillies? Via con Dios, for both parties.

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    Don’t want Trump. We need someone who know what the hell they’re doing. Someone who has worked with or been with sports for a while.

  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Trump! LOL

    Will he “class up” the Mets, just like he wants to be the GOP candy to class up the presidency?
    Players will be beating down our doors to play here.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We looked Fantastic today!…What are the odds of us being in the World Series?


  8. CowCrusher Says:

    The only thing about the “Donald” is that is bad is that he would rename the place “Trump Field”..or something like that.
    Could he have the chance to say to Luis and Ollie? “You’re Fired!11″

  9. duffy grote Says:

    “We gotta give Perez and Luis a chance to succeed.”

    1) Omar, glad to see you’re guest blogging for BMF; or

    2) WTF was 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010?

  10. duffy grote Says:

    “None of us has the least bit of control over this team..”

    Wrong - think Egypt. BOYCOTT the Mets and we will force Fred to sell. No guarantee that the next guys are better but I’m ready to take that risk.

    Don’t be complacent. If you are buying Mets tix, hats, etc. you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    “There’s no nobility in poverty any more”

    – Bud Fox, Wall Street, 1987

    “There’s no nobility in staying loyal to the Mets when they disgrace the franchise like they have since Nomore took over.”

    – me, 2011

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