Young and Parnell!

Chris Young did it again. Another quality start and another W for the best always injured pitcher you’ll ever find.

It’s no surprise to BMF that Young has been this dominant, it’s always the same story with CY - he’s one of the best pitchers in the game… And then he gets hurt. No reason for it to be any different this time around, let’s just hope he stays off the DL as long as possible…

But the breaking news from last nite’s 3-2 win in LA was Bobby Parnell’s slamming of the door in the 9th to ring uo his first save.

As far as I’m concerned BoPa is the future back end of the pen and I’d like to see him stake a claim to the job right now. Can’t get much smoother than 1-2-3 in the 9th which should boost his closer confidence - the intangible you simply cannot teach your relievers. 

I would be surprised if TC didn’t hand the keys back to Frank Franc when healthy again considering the pen has been so bad as a whole we need anyone who can fufill a roll. The argument can certainly be made that Francisco isn’t getting the job done but he does have 18 saves so he’s been successful. 

Plus with another year left in his 12M deal are the Mets really going to discount his value by demoting him? I’d think if Parnell proves to be lights out the Mets will look to trade FrankFranc to someone in need of a closer and clear that 6M off the books for 2013. 

Of course the only way to trade him is when he’s pitching and proving he’s healthy so it’d stand to reason Frank will get the job back when he return.

Let’s hope we have this problem.

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    It was fun to be back at the ballpark and see the Mets win. Young looked very good and the offense did just enough. TC actually brought Byrdak in at the right time and the pen was excellent. Of course, Parnell faced three scrubs so we’ll see what happens when he faces the heart of a decent order but he can only get out the batters he faces.

    Dickey and Santana go the next two days and with the Dodgers offense awful thanks to a depleted lineup, there’s reason to believe the Mets can keep the modest win streak going if they can score at least 3 runs each game.


  2. Lord Charles Says:

    All depends on Parnell. If he steps up, then yeah, the job is his. FrankFrank had some pretty decent success in Tex as a set-up guy, so I’d have no problem keeping him if he can go back to being good in that role.

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