Wake Up Mets

Are the Mets still reeling from the yankees? Sure felt that way as the defense was shaky, baserunning poor and runners left on base all over the place. 
Things just didn’t break our way. From Duda stopping on the basepaths due to a late “send” signal from Teufel to the incorrect safe call when Thole picked off his SECOND runner on the nite, until the ump blew the call.

I hate to see Ike get ejected but he did touch the ump with his glove and once you make contact you gotta go. The ump got the ejection correct but missed the tag applied by Ike on his second swipe. If replays weren’t enough, you could tell by Ike’s immediate and genuine reaction that he indeed applied the tag.

Great to see Collins out there arguing and getting heated. BMF is an old skool guy and I firmly believe a manager arguing can get a team fired up. It’s a less effective tactic on the road because you can’t get the stadium crowd whipped into a frenzy behind you but it still shows the players you’ve got their back.

Meanwhile we’ve gotta win this get away day game today. 
Simply can’t lose 3 straight to the crappy Cubs.

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  1. cleonjones Says:

    Bad call from the Ump. MLB needs instant replay. I hope this isn’t THE SLUMP. We need to win this game today. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Buck Says:

    What kind of ’send’ call was that by Teufel???? It was a total non-call!!!! He didn’t give any kind of sign at all until Duda had already started to put on the brakes…..just an awful job by Teufel!! He’s got to be waving him around hard BEFORE the runner reaches 3rd base. I felt bad for Duda because you could see that he was doing the right thing and looking right at Tuff for a sign but got nothing back from him! Duda is totally blind to the play there and needs help from his 3rd base coach. Just an awful job by Teufel! Did TC mention it at the post game presser? Did anyone ask him about it? I din’t have the stomach to watch the post game after that debacle!

  3. Howard Says:

    Someone call mainland…. there is water pouring into the ship.

    I am starting to get tired of seeing Hairston play just about every day. There is a reason why he has proven himself to be a PH.

    ‘Young’ Daniel Murphy.. nice guy, extremely mediocre. He is not the 2nd baseman of the future in my estimation. 272 bats into the season, he has 28 RBI, 0 HR, .315 OBS. I think Murphy has had enough shots in the past few years. I would like to see Valdespin at 2B.

    Thole, nice guy, stinks. 150 AB into the season, 9 RBI.

    So all we need is a C, 2B, LF, probably RF, 5 or so bullpen guys, and we will be good to go.

    This team reminds me right now of watching a mile race and seeing one guy go out really fast, and halfway through the race, everyone starts passing him. Its depressing.

    Its getting ugly.. Better get a win this afternoon.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    It’s really hard to make the Cubs look good! …Boy is this ever a pivotal game! Right now is the difference between the Mets being buyers or sellers.

    I hat to think that this is where the demise begins and it started with to loses,to the Skanks. I hate that we have to go to LA after this also. Strange road trip.

    We need to hold on until the All Star break!
    Do you think we can?

  5. Irish Mike Says:

    Well it looks like the Mets may outscore the Cubs for the series but unfortunately that won’t change the standings.

  6. Irish Mike Says:

    I was conservative up there. Starting with this game the Mets are going to outscore the Cubs over the next two seasons.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Once again, our fearless talent evaluator Howard has spoken. I therefore wasn’t shocked when Murphy homered twice.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    And for all those demanding Murphy be removed, his 32 RBIs ties him for 8th in MLB. Not to mention he was the Mets 2nd best offensive player last year behind Beltran. And he has now hit at least fairly well for three seasons.

  9. Irish Mike Says:

    “his 32 RBIs ties him for 8th in MLB”

    94th actually not 8th but what’s 86 places between friends?

    I’ve never been a huge Murph fan but I don’t understand the love that some have for Valdespin. As blah as Murph’s offensive numbers are they dwarf Valdespin’s.

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    8th among 2B I meant to write

  11. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    What, it was a day game again? Wha’d I miss?

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    Ike finally over the Mendoza line.
    Murphy finally over the wall.
    Mets finally over the Cubs.
    And now a trip to LA at the perfect time, as Kemp is on DL and Ethier hurt Wednesday and may go on DL. Not to mention Dodgers were just swept in SF and didn’t score a single run.


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