You pretty much expected that didn’t ya’? A let down game after all that Subway Series juice. The Mets were actually fairly close to sweeping the yanks only to turn around and lose the last 2 games on weekend. 

So coming off Sun nite’s loss they flew to Chi and came out flat for Johan. Terry Collins even warned us all tgis would be an issue and even he was unable to avoid it.

The errors were a killer. Wright’s missed pop-up was just a freak windy city thing. Duda should’ve caught his ball but be got spooked by the traffic he ran into traffic as Ike and Cedeno approached as well. You could see Duda “feel” His teammates Presence and he got alligator arms sliding to catch it.

The good news is Ike hit another HR so our one time golden boy looks like he may finally be back.

Wrigley will be buzzing tomm with prospect Andy Rizzo’s arrival, hopefully the Mets can steal that thunder.

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  1. Buck Says:

    Rebuttal from yesterday’s post:

    I stand by my post. If MLB insists on Inter-League play at least attempt to balance the schedule as much as possible. While a loss, is a loss is a loss……..A loss is much more likely against the Yankees (1-5 this year) than it is against the Orioles (3-0) this year. If the entire NL Division played another AL Division at least the schedule would be more balanced than it is today. That is the main point of my argument!! It doesn’t solve all the problems for the Wild Card race but at least it is a start. Personally, I can’t stand Inter-League play and would abolish it completely but I know $$$$ rules so that won’t be happening anytime soon.

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    Buck - totally agree, I did some rebutting down there myself.

    Would have been nice last night if the position players had told TC before the game that they had no intention of hitting or fielding - we could have saved Johan for tonight.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I hope that this is not the beginning of a slide,down the standing. We,really need to hang on till the all star break.

    We need these Cub games, because we,all know what happens when we go out to the west coast.

  4. rj Says:

    when dont they come out flat for Johan?

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    FMFR, Don’t sweat the West Coast trip I’ll be in attendance Thursday night at Chavez Ravine to help them along.

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