I was so frustrated by last nite’s loss i forgot to put up a post …

I love TC but he NEEDED to yank Young before Ibanez. You could feel the momentum shift and at almost 100 pitches coming off rehab Young was done.

Of course when your pen sucks thats a much harder decision…

RA tonite…

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  1. foxster Says:

    losing is bad enough. losing to the damnYankees makes it a jillion times worse. i cannot watch the Met pen in late innings, to quote Good Old Charlie Brown “My stomach hurts!”

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    Ironic that Frank Franc calls the Yankees “chickens” than announces he has a boo boo and can’t pitch against them.

    Nationals, Phils and Braves all lost today. Nice night to make up ground.

  3. foxster Says:

    while RA has been tamfastic, let’s remember he’s only human. i wish him the best, however there’s such a thing as “The Law of Averages”

    at any rate LETS GO RA - LETS GO METS!

  4. Howard Says:

    Like IM said, with Nats, Braves, and Phils all losing, a win gets us right back to where we were before Saturday’s game.

    The goal tonight

    Nationals ___
    Mets 2.5

    I want to see how Dickey performs with the entire country knowing his story now and the lights shining brightly on him this evening.

  5. El Dude Says:

    FWIW, I read that Franc Frank’s unavailability last night played into TC’s decision.

    Gotta say though, nowhere is the difference between Bronx and Queens more stark than in the bullpen. All those dudes (Soriano, Robertson, Logan) were throwing bullets.

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