Terry Collins Should Win Manager of the Year

I gotta hand it to them. Every Single Time I think the Mets are ready to fade into darkness they surge forward and plant their flag in the ground as a major factor in the NL East.

Coming off the sweep at the hands of the Reds they square off against the Baltimore O’s and sweep ‘em out of Queens. In fact the Metsies came within 2 innings of shutting the O’s out for the entire series.

I swear Terry Collins should win manager of the Year. Who else could possibly have gotten more out of a “last place team” like the Mets were supposed to be?

Somehow we’re sitting pretty in second place 6 games over .500 and just 3 out of first.

Thats the good news… The bad news is the Yankees come in this weekend and will probably administer the ass kicking they normally give us. 

Meanwhile if you threw the yankees out of the mix the Mets are running through the Big Bad AL East like its the PCL.

As for Wednesday’s game Gee was fantastic until surrendering a 2 run bomb in the 8th. Sure enough the pen was very leaky as Frank-Franc loaded the bases in the 9th and walked in a run before wiggling out of the jam to close the game.

Valdespin got another start and TC said he likes the energy he brings. It looks like Cedeno and Tejada are coming back as early as this weekend so I hope TC will juggle his guys to ensure Valdespin’s development.

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  1. rj Says:

    This entire east is bottled up…I wouldnt get too excited just lets watch this movie as it has been a pretty good one so far. As we know sometimes movies start off great and have crappy endings…I’m thrilled to see that they are hanging in there..

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    Collins & the Mets have been great and give the fans hope that the the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train! And while Collins should be considered for Manager of the Year you also have to seriously look at Don Mattingly and Davey Johnson. Really, who thought the Dodgers or Nats would be contending teams, let alone having the best records in the NL?

    I love that its mid June and we’re in contention, 3 games out of first and have a positive outlook for the rest of the season. Cherish this time Met fans, and get out to New Shea to support your team! There’s no reason the stadium should be empty! We’ve got ourselves a ballclub, the Mets of New York town!


  3. KMac Says:

    Don’t forget to bring your kiddies, bring your wife

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