Collins Exhales with Santana Start

It took 3 starts after the No-No but with Johan’s dominant performance tues nite Terry Collins can finally exhale. Leaving his star pitcher in for 134 pitches to get the no-hitter while coming off surgery did not ruin his arm. 

I still maintain it was the correct move to risk his season/career for the 50 year in the making no-hitter, but now at least we’ve cleared this hurdle, the distraction has been tabled and we can all move on.

Meanwhile the Mets alternating get swept / sweep streak is alive and well with the 2 straight wins over the O’s.

Duda mashed number 11 but the real attention getter for BMF was Jordany Valdespin who collected 2 hits and 2 RBI. The kid has taken advantage of some unexpected PT and TC’s faith to keep running him out there.

Personally I love Valdespin and I’m ready to turn second base over to him. We all like Daniel Murphy but enough is enough. The guy hasn’t put a single ball over the wall all season and he doesn’t drive guys in either. 

If he’s slapping singles at a .330 clip I can live with it but he’s hitting .271 ….. an EMPTY .271.

Valdespin has about 1/5 th the AB Murphy has and already has 12 RBI to Murphy’s 28 not to mention 2 HR’s.

Even if he experiences growing pains considering Valdespin’s speed I think he can still generate more offense than Murphy. 

I’m just sayin’…

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF is the king of snap judgements and rash decisions. Of course, since Valdespin has had a nice hot streak, we sshould immediately bench Murphy, who hit well for the past couple of seasons but hasn’t hit for power so far this year.

    And frankly, after his two subpar outings since the no-no, I’m not even sure why the Mets sent Johan to the mound last night. And Duda should’ve been sent down after his terrible start to the year. And Ike should just be released outright. I don’t know why the team doesn’t just do all this stuff since it’s so obvious based on very small samples.

  2. jomama Says:

    The “small sample” argument for Murph just doesn’t float anymore. It’s almost July, how long do we wait?

  3. GroteFan Says:

    I am not making Daniel Murphy to be the next coming of Joe Morgan, but are we really ready to hand over a position to a guy with 30 games of major league experience, 54 at bats, and a .222 average? I actually kind of like the guy’s stick, but is he an every day player? We certainly don’t know, and Murphy is somewhat of a proven commodity, although as BMF points out he lacks power, Murphy is still on track for 40 doubles, and has played a decent 2nd base. I think his attitude is something that this team would miss.
    Having said all that, if he doesn’t come out of this slump soon, we need to find a solution since this lineup needs as much help as it can get.

  4. foxster Says:

    it’s a pleasure to watch the Mets win, but we have to be happy with small things, because we’re
    a playoff caliber team. starting pitching isn’t front line. RA now serving as the Ace of the Staff and fully deserving this. with the rest of the starters, you have to hold your breath and hope, which goes for the bullpen as well. scoring runs seems to a hit or miss affair. some days rujns just pour accross the plate, other days ????. so let’s enjoy what we can for the 2012 season. just recall 1973, a hairs breath from a series victory. so to quote Tugger “YOU GOTTA BELIEVE” as Fats Waller used to say “ONE NEVER KNOWS, DOES ONE?”

  5. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Murphy is painful to watch .. if he can’t hit … sit him

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    Another sweep! Thankfully Francisco had a two-run lead before he gave up two hits and two walks.

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