Hats Off to J Bay

Talk about a guy with crappy luck. Man, Jason bay can’t catch a break. Fri nite saw another run in with the LF wall only this time he went top of head first and looked like he suffered a compression injury. 

Word is it’s likely a concussion which as we all know is a minimum of a 1 week DL stint ( new for head injuries)  and more likely 15 days or longer. 

At this point I just feel bad for Bay. Everything you hear is he’s a great guy, a hard worker and he genuinely cares about living up to expectations. 

Unfortunately I think the Mets are better off without him. Of course we’d be better with the Boston Bay, or the Pittsburgh Bay, but the NY Bay simply cannot produce on the field. 

I’d rather Hairston out there. 

Still, say what you want about him but the guy plays hard when he’s out there. There’s no half assing it.

Sorta felt a loss coming. Returning home to face Cincy reeked of let down and sure enough it was. 

But how about Nieuwenhuis with his 3rd bomb in 2 games. The guy continues to amaze. 

4 Responses to “Hats Off to J Bay”

  1. John In Athens Says:

    I absolutely agree.

    Jason Bay’s injuries are caused by him working his ass off and playing every ball like it’s the final out of the World Series.

    I’d love to see him put up better numbers for the Mets, but will never fault his work ethic.

    (And I’d rather have Hairston out there at the moment as well).

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    When is Baxter back? I’d rather have him out there.

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    They ought to build a museum to the “fallen,” among Mets outfielders. It could include Cameron, Beltran, Baxter, Bay and countless others. Maybe they could put chalk outlines on the blue wall where all the bodies have hit, and similarly on the grass where all the fielders have collided. In fact, why stop with just the outfielders– they could outline the spot of Ike and DW’s collision as well. My suggested name for the new “museum”….. “Yo La Tengo,” of course.

  4. Marvin Lesman Says:

    Just because he is stupid enough to run into walls means he has good work ethics?… Really?…how about playing smart?.. This guy is toast, done , over and out…let him go .. it’ll be a kindness to him and to the fans…

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