Forget Bill Mahr the Mets have gone Herman Cain 9-9-9 crazy scoring 9 or more runs in the last 3 games.

Possibly more shocking than a Herman Cain reference on BMF is the fact we just swept the Rays… IN TAMPA!!!

Where were all these runs and wins in the BX? As flat and overmatched as we looked against the yankees we were that good against the Rays.

The jury is still out on Santana who is yet to look dominant after the no-no. Johan struggled through 5 frames allowing 4R, 6H, 4BB, and 6K.

I think much of the world assumes everything with Johan is fine but I promise you TC is still yet to exhale as he waits for Johan to prove there are no long term effects.

Nieuwenhuis cracked a lead-off HR and a 2 run shot later  in the game as well. Everytime you think the kids magic carpet ran out of gas he re-establishes himself as most pleasant surprise in Queens.

TRIVIA TIME: What once highly touted Met hit a HR which might, just might, turn his season around??? No, not Ike Davis even crazier… yup JASON BAY!

Maybe its that AL East buzz that gets him going, although that never works vs the yankees, but I have a hard time believing Bay is ready or capable of a consistent offensive attack.

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  1. metsfaninisrael (MFII) Says:

    And, for the first time since probably the first week of the season, the Mets now have a positive (+1) run differential!
    I’m actually en route to NY right now - 4 hour layover in Amsterdam. I’ll be at CitiField on Sunday!

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    I’ll admit, at the start of this roadtrip, I thought that if the Mets could just make it through at 4-5, then they would be alright. Would have liked to have traded one of those wins against TB for one against Washington or the NYY, but in the end, I’ll take it.

  3. USMF Says:

    Just when you think the shine has worn off this turd, they come back with a fresh polish and make me feel like Lloyd Christmas…


    How can you not love Kirk… something about this kid just screams “gamer”.

    I still believe that we can see production from Bay. I believe that ‘extreme hit the other way” program and CityField got into his head and E’ffed him up. Despite the less than impressive numbers from Bay, I’ve see a difference in his AB’s this year. I’ve seen a drop down in waving at the outside pitch and rolling over to short. We started to see positive results right before Bay hit the DL. Since he came back, I’ve seem his timing off a little which is why he’s skying a lot of fly balls…but he was making solid contact. If you’re hitting the ball that high, it means you’re a little ahead and maybe have a bit of an uppercut, but you are getting the fat part of the bat on the ball…which leads to hitting the ball hard which will lead to good things.

    If Bay and Ike can hit .270ish and give us a HR apiece per week and a 4-5 RBIs per week, they could be looking very good.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Entering the stretch of 25 games against opponents with records above .500 (Phi, StL, Wash, NYY, TB, Cin, Bal and NYY), the Mets were 27-21 and 2.5 games out of first. GroteFan and I discussed if they could go at least 10-15, the Mets would still have a winning record and the season might have a real shot to be special.

    After 16 of the 25 games, the Amazin’s are 8-8 in the stretch, 35-29 overall and 4.5 games out of first. The final nine games are at home, where the team is 19-12 for the season. The starting pitching has been very good and with Ike Davis starting to hit and Jason Bay showing signs of life, it would be a shock if the team didn’t have a solid homestand.

    With all that said, this season has already surpassed expectations, the youngsters have been fun to watch and of course, there’s Santana’s no-no. I know I’m having a hard time keeping perspective, but I’m a Mets fan!

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    Positives for the Mets:

    1. Starting Pitching has been very good, if not great.
    2. David Wright.
    3. They walk a lot.
    4. They hit a lot of doubles.

    Barring injuries, I don’t think it is unrealistic to expect a great drop-off in any of these.

    Negatives for the Mets:

    1. Little power.
    2. Below-average defense.
    3. The pen has been awful.

    Unlike the positives, I can see where the Mets do have room for improvement…

    1. This really falls on Ike, and to some extent Bay.
    2. Getting Tejada back will help here.
    3. Getting rid of Acosta was a good start, but this is one area where the Mets will have to look outside the current roster. Perhaps its is a couple of the young guys (Mejia et al.) or a deadline trade, but if the Mets can fix this, then they might be able to get on a little role.

  6. jomama Says:

    I can’t believe anyone thinks Bay is honestly out of his three year slump. The dude is terrible and needs a good month of consistent hitting before anyone starts talking about him being even half the guy he was in Boston. The joker makes a ton of money to be hitting this far down in the order essentially getting paid to srike or pop out. What a waste of space.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Well, I guess we won’t have to worry about Bay again for a while.

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