Dickey Best in Baseball

After last nite’s “shoulda been another no hitter” performance from RA Dickey I don’t think you can deny him the title of Best Pitcher in Baseball at the moment.

First off this crazy knuckler just set the franchise record for consecutive scoreless innings at 32.2. WOW RA Dickey ranks above Seaver and Gooden in the record books?!?

RA had no hit stuff and, BMF believes he did in fact toss a no-no but a home field ruling by the official scorer in Tampa gave their guy a hit instead of charging an error to Wright. 

It was early in the game so no one thought much of it at the time but it now looms as an epic ruling since it would’ve given the Mets their second career No-Hitter inside of 2 weeks. How freakin’ crazy would that have been!

Personally I thought since he went for it with his bare hand and muffed it it should be an error. I admit its a questionable call one way or the other. My guess is that exact play gets called very differently depending on what stage of a no-hitter it occurs in. 

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    All Met pitchers will now be required to climb Mount Kilimanjaro during the off season!

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    I have no problem with the ruling. Yes, Wright makes that play often, but I still think that if you need you use your barehand (which it looks like he did), then you shouldn’t be charged an error if you “boot” the play.

    That being said, I would have a real problem if it is reversed and it is called a “no-hitter,” because it assumes that play is in a vacuum. It was the first inning, which means that RA pitched the next 8+ innings without the pressure of “pitching a no-no.” Reverse that decision, and the pressure on RA in the later innings of yesterday’s game completely changes. I say leave it has a hit, and take it for what it is: another brilliant performance by the NL’s All-Star starter.

  3. Mike Says:

    No hit or no, he faced 29 batters, the infield single and an error (also by Wright on a difficult throw). If Wright is on his game today Dickey had the stuff to throw a perfect game, as a KNUCKLEBALLER. How insane is it that a knuckleballer could come even close to that. 12 K, no BB.

  4. Howard Says:

    I agree.. If that play happens in the 8th, its an error.

    A sweep today would be awesome. Gets the momentum going again.

    If Santana gets killed today, I wonder if rumors start developing about the no hitter causing an arm injury.

    Ike is starting to get back to being Ike.

    With this pitching rotation staying healthy, we are going to be in the race the entire season.

  5. Irish Mike Says:

    Well the two candidates for best pitcher in the NL going into last night were R.A. and Matt Cain - 2-3 in ERA, 1-2 in WHIP and 1-2 in innings pitched. Then R.A. throws a one hitter that could have been a no-no while striking out 12 to move to the top of the list except…Matt Cain goes out and throws a perfecto while striking out 14. So I think he starts the All Star game right now but the next few weeks will tell. Brilliant performance no matter how you slice it.

    I agree with LC that the ruling was okay - typically when a speedster forces the fielder to rush and thus botch a play he is given the benefit of the doubt -i.e. a hit. And MLB can’t change it to a no-no now - first of all it would set an insane precedent and second of all like LC I don’t buy into the unchageable universe theory that everything else after that play would have proceeded exactly the same. But R.A. sure looked unhittable and I wish he had the chance to try (as in Wright makes the play cleanly).

  6. USMF Says:

    LC, I’m with you on the “play is in a vacuum” thing…also, the Rays would have approached the game differently too…We all know you’re supposed to play 110% on every play no matter the score or situation, but fact is…when you’re team isn’t hitting and you’re down by a ton, you get demoralized and lose focus. If RAD was chasing a no hitter late in the game, then you know Tampa is doing everything they can to get a hit.

    But, this just proves that my “Man Crush” on RAD is justified.

  7. Irish Mike Says:

    PS while as stated above I can live with the scoring decision I must say that official scoring, which has always been a joke (if you run away from a fly ball hit right at you you’re okay; if you chase a tough one down and get a glove on it you may get hit with an error…) is becoming a more blatant joke as official scorers now give the benefit to the home team on any borderline call - a hit for a home batter, an error to protect the home pitchers ERA and so on. It has become an absolute joke.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    As I texted BMF last night, I think TC saying they will protest or appeal the call is ridiculous. For one, as many have pointed out, it’s the 1st inning so you can’t assume everything else is the same. For another, did the Mets protest when the ump blew the call on Beltran’s ball and demand that be changed to the hit it clearly was and thereby ruin Johan’s no-no? And without seeing the play, if Wright is trying to barehand than it’s unlikely to have been a routine play that the fielder is expected to make all the time which is the general standard for an error (I don’t know the exact wording from the rulebook).

    Having said all that, official scoring is a thankless job (I did it in Bend, OR for a minor league team) because every close ruling makes somebody (hitter, pitcher, fielder) unhappy.
    Having said that, I agree that the scoring of games has become a joke.
    Having said that, if this staff keeps throwing like they have and Ike continues his resurgence, this team will stay in the WC hunt all season and could have a shot at the division depending on whether the Nats really shut down Strasburg at the end of August. But that’s a debate for another day.


  9. Irish Mike Says:

    I’m thinking the Mets decision to protest is to show that thay have R.A.’s back in the hopes that he will appreciate that so much that he’ll extend with the Mets rather than test free agency (where 5-8 teams will offer to pay him 3x what the Mets can/will).

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