AT&T Can Kiss My Ass

Dear AT&T,

Go F*CK yourself! – and your shitty iPhone service.

I suffered with your awful/ borderline criminal company for over 2 years but my day has finally come. 

Viva Verizon!

Yes, Verizon now has the iPhone — and they even include the ability to make calls!

Inside tip there’s a Verizon counter inside the PC Richards at Atlantic and 4th Ave and they had got lotsa phones as of 3:00 thurs afternoon.

To quote Chico’s Bailbonds:

“Let Freedom Ring!”

14 Responses to “AT&T Can Kiss My Ass”

  1. Omar Minaya Says:

    Paid my last verizon bill in November - have the proof from B of A. Nevertheless, Verizon sent a collection agency after me. Said they had two systems and one said I never paid the bill. Finally got them to acknowledge the payment and the collection calls ended only this week.


    Anyway, they’re probably better than AT&T but they do nothing from the goodness of their heart.

  2. USMF Says:

    Yeah, Verizon is much better (sarcasm)…Sadly, we started with Verizon, went to Nextel, then Sprint and then back to Verizon. Left Verizon because they “accidentally” were charging too much, lied about the length of the contract and had just an overall arrogance we didn’t like. Nextel and Sprint are fine, but sadly nobody has the reception here that even compares to what Verizon has.

    It’s like being in a relationship with that one girl who you know is totally wrong for you. She’s a bitch to you and your friends, ya know she’s just using you…but damn it, there’s something about her you just can’t say no to.

    CowCrusher…Thanks, because of you, we called TW last night and canceled our phone and are saving $36 a month. Our Bill used to come out to $140 for Digital Cable w/HD (and a couple OD movies), High speed internet and phone.

    We tried to dump the phone and digital cable and just go basic, but for some reason we aren’t paying extra for the box.

    Dude was selling me hard on keeping the phone and cutting the internet speed 90% and saving $25 a month. He didn’t want to listen, but we got cell phones (that I scammed my work into paying for) and we get almost no calls on the house phone. I use the internet! I use the speed! Why would I pay more to keep a service I don’t use and lose a service I “require”.

    I have no beef with TW, they get a bad rap…but all TV providers cost way too much, at least TW HD has always been free and they replace or upgrade alll HD for free. I like it when the don’t give into the networks trying to raise prices.

    I’ve never been impressed with the satellite company’s, they aren’t any cheaper and seems to be a huge pain in the ass to get reception in every room.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


    Well now that you have a phone that works, call up some “Real Pitchers” and get them down to PSL pronto.

    You know “Pitchers and Catchers” report in two days for some teams and I am excited, but this year just does not feel the same. Its hard to be feeling good about this team when I saw all the other teams in he NL East get better, even the Nats who spring train in my city.

    I will be going to alot of games this year but the Mets are not getting alot of $$$ out of me…I will be getting alot of $5-$10 seats outside on game day. I imagine there will even be some freebies! If they are not going to spend to be competitive, why should I?

    You would think Spring Training would be my usual time to sing our praises and act like we are going to te World Series, but I am just not feeling it this year.

    Pittsburgh East is not a good feeling to have at the start of the year and the thought of battling the Nats to stay out of te basement!

    Someone give me a reson to think otherwise!

  4. TheDoorman Says:

    No one will buy even a small sliver of the Mets because they would be buying a piece of a lawsuit with unlimited potential costs and all the embarassment to come. This a sham organization that was propped up by lies and stolen money.

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    I have a landline and DSL from verizon…having the combo was cheaper than the landline itself.
    I have fios just outside of my condo complex but the board has to ok the installation complex wide so I am stuck with TW. Having to rely on cell by itself is sketchy but I can understand why folks do it.
    Looking forward to seeing the Mets play the twinkies and the bosox next month in Fort Myers area.

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR VERIZON. My phone doesn’t even RING in my apartment, doesn’t work in my studio, drops calls constantly, VMs come in 24-36 hours after the fact. I had Verizon before the iphone and it was crystal clear.

    TW sucks—sucks sucks sucks. But like most people, we don’t have any choices. But Verizon internet is even worse. At least in Brooklyn.

  7. ProfessorReyes Says:


    lol@BMF, it’s Christmas morning in February!

  8. ProfessorReyes Says:

    30-day trail offer:

  9. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I’d wait before I buy .. I bet this first batch of phones will have glitches

    and yes as someone who has Verizon careful what you wish for .. it could be like Fred selling the Mets to Dolan ..

    and nobody wants that believe me ..

  10. JJ Says:

    “This a sham organization that was propped up by lies…” At least not a “convicted liar” as opposed to the deceased owner of the team in The Bronx…

  11. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Mookie is back at first base!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. edward r. olbermann Says:

    Matt the Met Fan:

    I believe you. The Dolans would be worse than the Wilpons. I am willing to take a risk on all other buyers though.

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    Get this folks… check out Fred Dicker, the beat reporter for NY Post re: Albany politics …Mario Cuomo may be an interested buyer in the Mets….

    Well if the Mets make it to the playoffs, Mario Jr. will have an excuse on how he got his “free” tix.

    It could be worse… he could be a skankee fan.

  14. Met_Maven Says:

    I can’t wait till there’s more real baseball talk on here! Has anyone seen D Murph play 2nd? Is he any good? Do we have what we need to fill the gap at 2nd? Will OP & Castillo get cut before opening day? Who will surprise us the most? Spring Training games can’t start fast enough! I want my Mets Baseball!!!!


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