The 50 Year No Hitter!

Johan Santana FxCKIN’ did it!!!


Seaver, couldn’t do it. Neither did Gooden or Koosman or Eddie Glynn or Pat Zachary (!) No one across more than half a century until…

Johan Santana threw the 1st Met No-Hitter!

That sure does have a nice ring to it – Johan Santana threw the 1st No-Hitter in Met History!

Call it whatever you like:


It was all that and then some. 

Once we hit the 7th inning and MIKE BAXTER hit the wall making that catch you really felt we had a shot at magic and for me that’s when the texts began. 

I spread word as fast as I could to most of my Met peeps. 
In true loyal Met fan fashion almost all were already watching - if not at the game like BMF HOF’er Irish Mike!! 

I’m actually thankful this happened in the era of texts because it was so easy to celebrate real time with your fellow Met fans.

I swear I didn’t care how many pitches Johan threw. I was willing to risk his arm, season and career to get the No-No. 

We needed this as a franchise. I needed this as a fan.  Johan has now attained Met God status after and it couldn’t have happened to a better, classier pitcher, or representative of our organization.

I’m on cloud 9 over this. I swear I’m giddy!!! 

Oh what a glorious night! Word is the Yankees even broke into their telecast to show the 9th from Flushing! Thats what I heard can anyone confirm that?

But the unsung hero of the game was clearly Queens’ own Mike Baxter. 

The kid who grew up rooting for the Mets made THE No-no saving catch while crashing into the OF wall and injuring his shoulder. I love that kid. He’s alls out balls out and plays the game right. 

Bax is forever immortalized as well and he may have just made the biggest catch in Met history. At least along side Endy Chavez and Cleon Jones.


The other unsung hero is the 3rd base ump who ruled a Beltran ball foul even though it left a divot in the LF chalk line as evidence of being fair. Whatever with that. It’s actually sorta cool Beltran was involved in that manner. In some way it was like he contributed to the No-No.

Incidentally I have zero bad feelings towards Beltran and I’ve been happy to see him having a great year so I  was convinced he was gonna get us with 2 outs in the 8th. But he didn’t and once the 2 bloops (1 broken bat) in the 9th were caught we were officially in Seaver territory. Santana was clearly on EMPTY nearing 130 pitches but he found one last reserve of stuff and got David Freese swinging to make history. 

But Johan didn’t just make baseball history he became a NYC Sports Icon. His name will forever be known as THE MET who threw the  no-no.  It’s such a beautiful thing I could cry.


I sorta dug seeing the fan in the Carter Jersey sneak into the celebration scrum. It was cool to see the Carter 8 jersey in there celebrating - Kid deserved that moment. 

Moments later security wrestled him to ground but he got his moment.


Btw did anyone else see the naked penis on SNY’s postgame show?!!?

It was the craziest thing but during an RA Dickey intvw in the clubhouse, prob 45min after the final out,  Dickey is talking about the Baxter catch when in the upper left screen you see a white guy exiting the showers butt naked and full penis in full view. 

He had a towel in his hands but not around his waist and certainly not covering his “pig”. I’ve never seen such naked manhood in 1080HD like that. Lol 

The shot was waist down so it’s hard to know exactly who the penis belonged to but I betcha penis-gate will be getting some press and the truth will be revealed … prob on Page 6.

All in all a pretty crazy Met night.

First Johan’s No-No then a naked pee-pee on TV


19 Responses to “The 50 Year No Hitter!”

  1. Kevin B Says:

    Feels great. And when you type no-hitter in Wikipedia you get Mets in the first paragraph (last sentence). Feels even better when spending the weekend at the beach with Philly and Nats fans!

  2. USMF Says:

    I watched the game with my wife and Father-in-law…nether one could really figure out why is was so on edge….and yes, I had tears in my eyes.

    I’m not sure how other fans feel, but this is freaking amazing…I thought it would never happen.

    Love the cover of the St. Louis papers, they are being extremely petty…I expect better from them.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    8120 games….50 years…1 blown call…PRICELESS!

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Great night to be a wearer of ORANGE & BLUE! Not only the Mets, but the Florida Gators also pitched a no hitter in the college baseball regionals!

  5. KMac Says:

    I watch almost every game and before most of them I say Tonight’s the Night - meaning a no -hitter. And I’ve always been wrong. Last night I actually said Tonight’s NOT the Night because the Cards are such a good hitting team. Well I couldn’t be happier to be wrong again!

    Back to back complete game shutouts, 1st no -hitter in Mets history - Johan is the Man.

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I am sooooooooo proud of Johan Santana and so proud to be a Met fan today! AND I have the postgame taped and I will look for the naughty bits, hahah!

    Let’s go Mets!!!!

  7. Patrick Says:

    I bet most no-hitters have not come against a team as competent as former world series winners. Our No-No is one of the more impressive ones.

  8. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    While we are at it, why don’t we jump into first place tonight!

    Now what are we going to bitch about?

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] Says:

    What a great day to be a Met fan, and a Florida Gator!

  10. Irish Mike Says:

    Needless to say the fact that through random luck I wound up at the game where this happened is unbelievable. I’m not sure there is a reason to ever go back. Maybe for a World Series clincher. In a few months. :)

    Kind of fitting how the Mets first no-no played out. A scuffling Santana with shaky control running up a scary pitch count, a blown call (stuff happens), a sick catch by Baxter who threw caution and his career to the wind, a pile of bloop broken bat type dinks in the late innings that all looked terrifying as they were stroked, dodgy weather, a small crowd (announced: 27,000; Actual: 12,000?; number of people who say they were there today: 600,000) – it should not have been easy for anyone and it certainly wasn’t. But it was incredible. I still can’t believe it.

    Seeing some of in-game comments on here when I got home I gotta say I never thought a Met fan (although I strongly question if that’s what he is) be so utterly miserable and upset about a Met actually throwing a no hitter. What are you going to do if they win the World Series? Go on a shooting spree?

    Fortunately I DVR’d the game. Watched the last three innings last night. Will watch it all again today. And now I know that I should watch the post-game for a special treat!

  11. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    I always knew that if it did happen, I would not be watching that night! I was at a concert when my phone began blowing up with text messages. The first ones telling me that I had no idea what was going on with the Mets (obviously I figured it out immediately). The next batch confirming it was a done deal. I’m going to watch and record the encore today at noon.

    LGM. This is so freakin awesome.

    Way to capture the sentiment of all Met fans in your post BMF.

  12. Howard Says:

    After so many years of watching the Mets, now I know the exhiliration of watching my team get a No No. Incredible, just freaking incredible. Johan just put it in fifth gear from innings 7-9.

    Just to add, I loved the reaction of Terry Collins. He had to be in a midst of torture having his most important pitcher go well beyond his pitch count for a shot at history. But I just really like TC. He is tough in some ways but very emotional when it comes to his players. I really hope this manager can join us as the Mets win a WS, either this year or another year.

  13. Helix Says:

    I just happened to put the game on in the middle of the 7th and after realizing what was taking place, I called my brother Greg in Newburgh and then my brother Tim in Vegas. We promised we’d reconnect in the 9th… which we did. As we’re watching history unfold, another dear friend rings in and so the four of us (on the phone), enjoyed this historical event finally come to pass.

    We all now have another one of those lifetime events where you knew exactly where you were and what you were doing when it happened.

    Unbelievable. Is this a sign of something special unfolding for this lovable Met team? Ya’ gotta’ believe!

    I guess I can die now…

  14. KMac Says:

    Don’t die Helix - RA’s going today! It could be like the grand slam drought broken with 2 in one game. The next no - no could be around the corner :-)

  15. rj Says:

    Why do we seem to do great things in key anniversary years? lol…I am so glad I lived to see it finally happen…Boy if there was a no hitter with full team effort this was the one! and can you imagine that they actually scored 8 runs for him? I think that brings Santana’s runs for while pitching average up to 1.9 per outing just shy of El Sid’s 2.09

  16. LoveEmHateEm Says:

    June 1st 2012 … an unforgettable date in Mets history and will always be remembered as “NO-NO Day”.

    Thank you Johan … and Baxter too! Way to take one for the team Mike! Damn! And as you say BMF, how fitting that a lifelong Mets fan was involved in the most balls-out play of the game and probably in all of franchise history. Johan pitched the no-no but there’s no doubt that Baxter came on for the save in the true fashion of indelible Mets lore.

  17. foxster Says:

    really and truly, i never thought that i would ever see a Mets pitcher throw a no hitter. for us older Met fans, it was quite a thrill.

  18. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    IrishMike, you crack me up. Congratulations on being at the game!

  19. cleonjones Says:

    We finally did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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