Rough Waters Ahead

OK so we lost to Philly 8-4. It’s  not about one game though as we enter a potentially brutal stretch with no Pirates or Padres on the schedule. Instead its Phillies and  Cardinals, the Nats and then the AL East - ugh.

Can we go toe to toe with the big dogs? Do we belong in the postseason discussion? We should have a much better gauge of this team 2 weeks from now. 

What a weird injury to Justin Turner. I woulda swore it was a hamstring instead of an ankle. It looked like he pulled up lame just before hitting the bag awkwardly.

I thought he tore the hammy, maybe clean off the bone but somehow it was the ankle - weird.

Meanwhile everything went wrong on that play as the Phils zipped the ball around the IF and prevented the runner from coming home until Turner got hung up between 1st and 2nd unfortunately Turner didn’t last long enough for the runner to cross the plate. 3rd out - no run - and a DL stint for Turner - a complete disaster.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    Weren’t the Marlins one of the teams that complained about Reyes’s celebrations? Hmmm, they seem to be fine with it now.

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    I remain convinced that Turner hurt his other leg too. As Darling said he appeared to be already unable to put weight on it and was already screaming when his other foot hit the bag and his ankle twisted.

    Weird game. I’ve never seen Niese with such bad control and for the most part the whole team seemed listless. Yet thanks to home runs by stalwarts like Rotino (I’ve said it since spring training the Mets can only go as far as Vinnie Rotino takes them) and Hairston they actually hung tough until TC conceded the game by bringing in Acosta in the 9th. But as BMF pointed out with the stretch of games they have ahead of them the Mets better wake up.

  3. wsbound phils Says:

    who were the goobers who sang God Bless America?

  4. Howard Says:

    Is Acosta still on the roster?

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