Banner Day Robbery!

BMF’s buddy Jon “King of Banner Day” Keller (aptly named from his dominance of Banner Day in the 70-80’s) was flat out robbed when his entry was denied any award.

Word is the top 3 winners were crowned and Jon’s masterpiece (shown here) that he spent over 80 hours handpainting¬† was shut out - SHOCKING!!!! Even though BMF’s friend Dwight Gooden was one of the judges a great injustice was perpetrated.

At least the Mets won 2-0

8 Responses to “Banner Day Robbery!”

  1. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Fix… or steroids.. The Man .. blame all around BMF ..

  2. Paul Says:

    This was one of my favorites - I couldn’t believe it didn’t make the final three at least.

  3. Jon Kellerk Says:

    If the judges turn their backs on banners that obviously took tremendous effort, time and thought to produce and select banners that were thrown together the night before banner day…. or are merely paste-ups of computer printouts …. then, if banner day continues into the future, the really good banners will disappear and the run of the mill banners will flourish.

  4. FLorida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Wow that is a fret banner! I saw the winning banner which was about Piazza’s home run after 9/11. Since maybe it was Memorial Day weekend the judges were going with a patriotic theme.

    Was any BMFers at the game? Would you consider the promotion a success? Will they do it again?

    Memorial day and the Mets are hanging in there and playing inspired baseball!…Who would have thunk?

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    I was at banner Day and thought it was a lot of fun and saw loads of good banners. With the turnout they had I think they’ll have it again next year. I thought the 3 banners that were nominated did a great job. I saw some that were better, but for the most part, the banners were all good. Yes, there were a few that were just made with computer print outs, but those people didn’t do it to win, they did it to participate. None of the banners that were nominated were thrown together nor were they covered in computer printouts. I know that for next years banner day, I’m going to start working on mine super early so I have a chance to compete. Either way the promotion was a great success, I even heard Kevin Burkhardt say they might even televise it next year!

  6. Howard Says:

    I think that Manny Acosta is confused. The batter is striving for a .400 BA, not the pitcher.

    Will someone call up the sanitation department and get this guy out of here.

  7. Jon Keller Says:

    I also attended Banner Day. The women who won the event said they started working on their banner Saturday night at 9….took off an hour and a half to watch Saturday Night Live…and then were finished by 3:30. That’s like a student that waits till the night before their term paper is due and then stays up all night doing it…… hence the term “thrown together”. Of the two other banners which were in the top 3 the one called ” Follow the citibrick road” was made up of computer prints pasted or taped together. The third banner, the “Homegrown” banner, seemed to be handpainted. The two that did not win had little or nothing to do with the rich 50 year history of the Mets ( a requirement ) and the winning banner somehow tried to tie the 9-11 tragedy into the Mets history…… in my opinion an exploitation…. but a very clever device to get noticed.

  8. AJW Says:

    It was a nice placard.

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