Wow, impressive win in the ‘Burg!

The Mets were exactly what they want to be last nite as Dickey and his knuckler K’d 11 (!), the kids delivered as we got big hits from Baxter and Duda, Nieuweheis took advantage of an Pirate error to extend rally,  Byrdak got his batter and FrankFranc slammed the door.

And there you have it a low budget, low star powered team doing what it takes to win.

Dickey kicks more ass with every start. There’s still a part of BMF that fears his magic will disappear but he just continues to impress with his junk. Unreal.

Mike Baxter is on the verge of becoming a phenomenon. He’s prob gonna lose all of his ABs once Bay returns but the kid from Queens continues to get the job done. He shook off Monday nite’s mental error and drilled a double before scoring the eventual game winner. I swear if they just let this kid play he just might go Jeremy Lin on us… Well not exactly Linsanity but you get the point.

Is it me or did FrankFranc just click back into a dominant closer? It’s like his confidence is suddenly percolating heated up by facing his ex-team in Toronto. 

Whatever it is, it’s working

8 Responses to “Clicking!”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    Anyone see the postgame and hear whether RA asked to come out? Somehow I doubt it. What on earth was TC doing? He pulls a dominant RA by pinch hitting with a guy who is 1 for his last 90 or so. Naturally Torres makes an out and naturally the bullpen immediately gives up a run. Good win but utterly inexplicable move by TC. I swear I thought he was throwing the game.

  2. USMF Says:

    Baxter has been playing great, but he shouldn’t be starting more than a game or two a week.

    I was worried that Bay coming back would take ABs away from Nieuweheis…but in reality, Bay should be in LF, Kirk in CF and Duda in right and Torres should be luck not to get cut.

    There’s a lot of things to like about but Torres, but the numbers don’t lie…he’s just not very good.

    The only other alternative for Bay coming back is…Bay in LF, Torres in CF and Kirk in RF and Duda at 1st and Ike in AAA.

    Sadly, Ike hasn’t figured it out playing everyday up with the Mets…his timing and mechanics are all screwed up…he needs to go down and get his sh!t together.

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    “I swear if they just let this kid play he just might go Jeremy Lin on us…”

    Exactly my thoughts… he will blow up for a week or two, then get exposed.

  4. Irish Mike Says:

    A gem from Niese and clutch relief from Parnell and yes Frank Franc.

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    .500 on the road + taking care of business at home = a really good season.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    It’s a fun, young group to watch. If they keep battling, and there’s no reason to think they won’t, they should be able to hang around playoff contention most of the year.

  7. Helix Says:

    2 games outta’ first in late May. Not bad… Buh bye Ike.

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