Game Salvaged in Toronto

Man, that was a tough series. Interleague play is always a strange animal but playing in SkyDome (sorry I’m old skool) feels stranger than most AL stadiums.

First of all, Mike Baxter is the freakin’ MAN. The kid has done nothing but hit and contribute since he put on a Met uni and Sun was no different as he went 3-4 with an RBI and 2 runs scored to raise his avg to .390.

It’s crazy to look at the box score and see Baxter hitting .390 followed by Wright batting .412. 
Nieuwenhuis caught a break when the ump Colby Rasmus didn’t catch Kirk’s shallow fly to right. Rasmus made the catch but the ball trickled out when he began to transfer to his bare hand. Kirk, to his credit hustled it into second, but if you ask me that’s an out. 

I know technically you’re supposed to take ball out of mitt and still maintain possession but a play like that falls under the “25 Dudes” rule to me: if 25 impartial dudes in a bar agree he caught the ball than he caught the ball.

Ike got a hit but the whispers of a minor league demotion are beginning to strengthen and BMF is all for it. He’s waay to deep in his own head at this point and a change of scenery where he can allow some of the pressure to subside may be the best medicine.

FrankFranc was extra fired up facing his old team and while the inning started out looking like another blown save when the 1st 2 batters reached, but then it suddenly clicked and he K’d the next 3 to close it out - BIG game for FF.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BMF: great idea, but will 25 dudes in a bar ever agree on anything?

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Good win yesterday !! The umps owed us one and we got one back in the first inning. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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