Later for Carrasco

What a crappy 36 hours D.J. Carrasco just had. Tuesday nite he serves us a BOMB to Rickie Weeks and responds by drilling Ryan Braun which got him thrown out of the game.  This prompts Collins to yank Wright who then thros a fit in the dugout, down the runway and back into the dugout. 

Talk radio blows up all day wednesday discussing all the drama caused by Carrasco.

Wednesday nite DJ comes back in and surrenders a 2 run HR to Todd Fraizer to spearhead another bullpen meltdown.

And to top it off DJ Carrasco was designated for assignment. Ouch thats an awful day and a half.

Meanwhile I was hoping for some team unity and fire to emerge after the Wright/Collins non-bean ball war fracas yesterday but no such luck as we lost 6-3 to Cincy.

Quick Hits;

• Santana deserved to win but didn’t… Again.

• Duda’s 3-4 nite pushed his avg to .274. I feel like Lucas ha scut down on his swing. As if he’s gotten away from swinging for HR’s and is now focused on contact. 

• 2 Suicide Squeezes in 2 nites?!? Do ya think TC would have the balls to do it a 3rd consecutive nite if the chance arose? 

2 Responses to “Later for Carrasco”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    if this is our “New and Improved” bullpen, they certainly have a funny way of showing it!

    If I am not mistaken, D.J. was Sandy’s first big splash signing as our GM.

  2. USMF Says:

    Yeah, Alderson has made two multi-year deals…guess he’s not the genius everyone was trying to make him out to be.

    Our pen has the 2nd worse ERA in the majors right now! And they have given up the most runs of any pen in the majors!

    The Mets have 9 blown saves! They are one Blown Save behind the Rockies for the most BS this year. If the won 1/2 of those games, they’d be in first this year!

    I drove me crazy when everyone was praising Alderson for having a great day and built a fantastic bullpen. He signed two castoffs that have lost loser jobs in the past and were coming off of bad years!

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