Welcome to Worst Week in Sports 

And there goes football for another year. The high school kids wrapped up in December, the Colleges in January and pros in Feb and now we enter the dead zone. 

8 days before pitchers and catchers report and nothing to do until then. 

If you’re like BMF you’re essentially uninterested in hockey (although I grew up a rabid Ranger fan) and aside from Syracuse, basketball does little for me (but if the Knicks get Carmelo or when the Nets move to BK…)

Luckily we Met fans have the demise of the Wilpons to follow everyday. Its become like reading the box score I check the paper ever morning to see how much deeper in shit the Met owners really are. This Madoff mess gets uglier by the day and it doesn’t matter which paper you pick up they’re all raking the Wilpons and Saul Katz over the coals.

Shout out to the NYT who seems to be doing an exceptional job uncovering the dirty details. Perhaps the Times’ higher brow demographic affords more insight to the Madoff crime ring than its tabloid counterparts but whatever the reason they’re killing it on this story and BMF is fascinated by every juicy detail.

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  1. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Great call on the NYT coverage BMF .. unlike our beloved Post ranting about the Wilpons the Times has uncovered facts - such as Saul Katz - apparently the “Rain Man” of finances was told that the “math didn’t add up” with the Madoff deal.. that Madoff was involved with Wilpons - oh wait Sterling Equities - with dealing with deferred contracts (the Ghost of Bobby Bonilla?)

    No one - certaiintly not the Wilpons - are gullable not to know what was going on.. plus the fact that the Mets used those millions to finance their Empire (Network, stadium, etc) is just disgusting.. pls don’t tell me they didn’t know .. Now its time to pay up ..

    I want an odds on the new ownersposted on this site .. Mark Cuban anyone ?

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I believe that they are going to have to sell the team!. I think MLB is going to force them to.

    Fist all of anybody who has that kind of money to buy 25% of the team, doesn’t want just a minority stake, they want top have a say in the runing of it, so I don’t think that is going to be an option.

    Secondly the people who are getting the headlines about buying the team will never br the actual buyers! They are just lookking for some publicity.

    It looks kind of dark now but this may be the greatest thing to happen to the Mets since Bill Buckner’s E3!….

  3. USMF Says:

    The NBA sucks and is boring…NHL is good live, but you gotta be a big fan to watch on TV…NCAA is an OK distraction, but still it can’t hold my attention…

    I guess it’s time to have some quality time with the family. sadly, I have to do work on the in laws house…don’t mind the work, it’s just spending time around my mother in law that sucks.

    Luckily I got the V-Day show to play, NABA/MSBL winter workouts have started and filling the rest of my time on the Wii should keep me from having a Jack Torrance episode.

    I’m not ready to jump on the Wilpon bashing bandwagon. Irving Picard is a complete dirt bag and is getting rich off of the “victims” in this case. Not to mention that he has a history of twisting facts and using the media to get what he wants. Where is all the coverage on the tens of Billions he’s going after from brokerage houses? There is very little because they don’t have a public face that they can’t be easily smeared and force into a settlement. Taking done Wilpon makes for great headlines. It’s gonna take years to get money from the brokerage houses so Picard is attacking Wilpon publicly to get his second big payday. (the first is the ten’s of millions he’s already taken to be the SIPA trustee).

    The SIPC failed to do their job and now they and Picard are making up the rules the way they want to cover the SIPC/SEC asses. This is another example of our government not protecting the people and just wasting our tax money on programs that come up empty when they are needed the most. Now they change the law on the fly to cover up their failures.

    These are millionaires suing billionaires for money that the SIPC said was safe. Everyone involved was making money (including the government) so nobody cared that the numbers didn’t add up.

  4. ProfessorReyes Says:

    The only people I care about in this mess (and that includes the team), are the people that lost everything after they trusted their retirement accounts to these guys.

    And nice to know you still read newspapers, BMF!

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Yeah—cheers for the NYT and boo hoo for the Wilpons and their ilk, who made untold millions for 20 years before the thing imploded. But the philanthropies, the institutions, the universities that were affected. Shameful!!

    I have never been a Wilpon basher, because I think that they have put up good money for the team, the stadium, the network, etc—AND they do a ton of good charity work. They also gave Willie a job when there were no other African American managers in baseball. He may not have been the right guy but they get credit for giving him the shot.

    ALL THAT SAID: they are clearly greedy bastards who must, at some point, have had some doubts about the magical 18% returns each year that could not be replicated by design, computer models or actual investing. Let’s face it, they were greedy—and they suckered all sorts of people into the scheme along the way.

    They should sell the team, if only to save US, the fans, from god knows how many years of this cloud hanging over our team for one reason or another—-either because they are still in court, or they have no money, or they can’t sell 25% of the team, whatever.

    This franchise is like a bad houseplant, rotten to the core. First the flowers die off (injuries), they get bugs and parasites (Bernazard, Radomski, Samuels, etc), they wilt (4 collapses), until finally the roots rot completely and there is no hope (Wilpons). IT’S OVER.

    Sell the team to someone who has 1. integrity 2. is a BASEBALL person 3. is a METS FAN.

    How about a woman??????????????? Or a consortium of comics? Seinfeld, John Stewart, Chris Rock, Kevin James, etc? Throw in Glenn Close too.

    Guhbye, Wil-pals—-don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  6. USMF Says:

    Don’t feel too bad for these “victims” These people are from stupid rich families and they are still living in there million dollar houses and driving cars worth more than you make in a year.

    As for Wipon selling the team…be careful what you ask for. Fred sinks a bigger % of profit back into the team than anybody else. He’s had problems with building a good front office and ends up spending money poorly. It’s very easy for use to criticize because we are close to it and had to suffer it. But there are several potential owners who could be a lot worse

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    The main problem with the Wilpons is they cannot judge character. And there is nothing more important than that.

  8. edward r. olbermann Says:

    “Perhaps the Times’ higher brow demographic ”

    You bring the New York Times into your house?

    Do you have a puppy or a parakeet?

  9. edward r. olbermann Says:

    “How about a woman??????????????? Or a consortium of comics? Seinfeld, John Stewart, Chris Rock, Kevin James, etc? Throw in Glenn Close too.”

    Yeah, that’s the REAL problem. No women in the ownership.

    I propose Linda deRoulet. She can join the Martin Luther King III team and we can have a politically-correct, diverse ownership that puts a putrid team on the field but MAKES US FEEL SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT OURSELVES.

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Not saying it’s the real problem. But seeing how the Y chromosome contingent has done SUCH a great job…why NOT?

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Hey I read newspapers too! hats wrong with that!

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    The late Mrs Payson seemed to do alright at one time.
    C’mon Seinfeld, let the moths out of your wallet…..and bring back Banner Day!
    Otherwise it may be up to Gary “Baba-Booey” Del’Abate to step in!

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