Alderson SMASH Hit

Now this is a guy BMF can get behind as GM.

Alderson dazzled as he was announced as the new sherrif in town. He inspires confidence, he feels like the smartest exec in the room and he looks like he’s got a plan.

My favorite part of Alderson is he believes in a firey manager.

“I love a manager who will kick ass and take names and go toe-to-toe with an umpire. It’s part of the entertainment value.”

THANK YOU, Sandy. Man BMF has been preaching that ever since Art Howe was in the dugout. A passionate Skipper who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to kick some dirt when his team needs someone to stand up and fight.

Oh, man I’m so excited to sit back and watch what Alderson does.

I feel like we’re in finally headed in the right direction.

8 Responses to “Alderson SMASH Hit”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Great Press Conference!….He does seem like the right man at the right time for the Mets. The honeymoon is over though.

    It is time to start moving in the right direction.


  2. The Phantom Says:

    This team has so many structural problems - it will take time to build a competitive team with a great organization behind it.

    Sandy will of course have to not listen to the get-a-life WFAN listening ” win right now bay-bee ” so called fans.

    We need to rebuild. And that takes patience.

    For the first time in decades, we have a really great leader. Give him time to go assess the damage and to get the repairs started.

  3. Val Veeta Says:

    How refreshing it is to have a GM who can speak English properly, not pepper his remarks with “know wha I’m sayin’”, and project total confidence, intelligence and respectability. Let’s give credit where it’s due - the Wilpons done good!!!

    BMF, I also squealed with glee over SA’s remarks on the fiery manager. I loved how attuned he seems to what the fans are desperately craving. He also did a great job in conveying why he wanted to be GM of the Mets specifically, that he wouldn’t take the job in any old place. He loves being involved with the game at the game level after sitting in MLB offices and the DR for years, so he has a genuine enthusiasm for the daunting task ahead of him.

    My dear Phillies fan co-workers and friends have been strangely silent this week.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Sounds like maybe Backman could be in the mix.

    Btw, why are people saying this team needs a massive rebuilding process? Doesn’t this team have almost all the position spots filled with quality players, especially if Bay and Beltran come back healthy?

    I understand the pitching staff needs a stud or two but I’m confused as to this clamor for rebuilding. Besides second base, this team has quality at every spot. So why is there a need for a major overhaul?

    I’m not saying trade top prospects for veterans. But I would try and sign top FA pitchers. Do that, hire a fiery manager and then if guys don’t perform, move them as needed.

  5. Says:

    I hope so we could sure use a great year. Lets go Mets

  6. Mike.BTB Says:

    This is the best move the Wilpons have made in the post Doubleday Era. He’s going to give this Club some much needed structure. I hope he can get the Mets to rethink their policy on the draft and Slotting. And Bravo! - to Jeff Wilpon for checking himself at the door. Without a doubt Jeff realizes he hired someone his intellectual, business and Baseball superior. That’s a tough pill to swallow for the would be Baseball Man.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Amen BlondiesJake! The fans have to realize that this isn’t fantasy baseball. I’m sure the Pittsburgh Pirates would be happy to trade teams. Stick with talent and get a GM and manager to make it all work.

  8. Big Tony Says:

    Mets have a GM who can actually speak effectively to the media. Fancy that….

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