Frank’s Wheels Come Off

Wow… After friday nite’s 9th inning I didn’t think Sunday’s game could possibly be worse… and then it was.

Frank Francisco went Benitez again by immediately allowing the first 3 batters to reach with no out before going crazy on the ump over balls strikes. Acosta almost got us out of it until Giancarlo (?!?) Stanton launched a 2 out, walk off grand slam.

OK Terry who’s next in line for closer? Because Francisco clearly needs a break from his duties at the moment. 

FrankFranc lost control of his emotions out there and I gotta believe that convinced TC to make a change. 

Collins had the acumen and class not to announce anything during postgame but change is definitely afoot. 

BMF loved the TC quote “ I’m not going to address that right now, when emotions are running high.” That was a brilliant look into Collins’ mindset. 

Terry also said there are ” 8 options” to close - my money sez Jon Rausch gets the nod. I mean if you have an 8 foot tall pitcher he should be closing for you.

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  1. Howard Says:

    Change better be ‘afoot’. FF is singlehandidly destroying the season. But that is what you get when the Mets organization shops at ‘Walmart’ for a closer. If you are going to spend any money, you get a quality closer. So instead of being 21-13, we are 19-15. I want this guy out of here and that means off of the roster.

    All this inept guy had to do was come in the 9th and hold a freakin 2 run lead against a team that had little offense for the day. But after two batters up in the bottom of the 9th, you just knew disaster was waiting.

    Raush, Ramirez, Parnell… I will give anyone a shot. Anyone but FFF as in F’n FF.

  2. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    Why does this crap always have to happen against the fish?

    We should have swept this team out of its own ballpark “Like a dancing janitor”instead we lose 2 out of 3!….we should be 6-0 against them.

    Maybe it was those hideous orange uniform or that queer zoo out in centerfield that distracted us!

    Send in the clowns! Is that a baseball or amusement park they play in?

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    My biggest problem with Franciso was with his losing it on the mound, with the Mets still in the lead, no less. If he thought Tichenor’s strike zone was tight before FF called him an “effin a-hole” half a dozen times, it got tighter and tighter afterwards for Acosta– talk about leaving your team in a jam! Anyway, overall I can’t get too down on FF, because he is who he is, basically a journeyman reliever. is it really any surprise that he’s not setting the world on fire? Seriously, his lifetime .era is 3.91. That’s hardly Mariano Rivera (2.21) Soria (2.54) or K-Rod (2.58). It’s not Johnny Franco (2.89) or even Heath Bell (3.23) and how much has he sucked? And Rauch is not any better really: 3.79. Parnell: 4.15.
    Most teams in MLB have for-sh*t closers, it seems, but this is definitely where we can feel the cost of being the “Econo-Mets”! It would be a good faith effort to the fans to try and secure a Pestano or a Romo or a Holland level talent to try and provide a somewhat tighter grip on the 9th.

  4. IrishMike Says:

    TC’s answer to the question “Who is your closer?” should be “the concept of a closer is silly - I will use my bullpen in each game in the best manner I can to get outs. No one, least of all a so called ‘closer’, will have a pre-defined role. Every game is different, every opponent is different and every situation is different. Pre-defining roles in the face of all those variables is stupid and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that until now.”

    If he wants to really have fun he can add “of course the fact that my management has saddled me with a bunch of mediocre journeymen to choose from will make this process difficult but I’ll give it my best.”

  5. USMF Says:

    I hated this signing when it was first announced.

    As good of ‘Stuff” as FF has, for him not to be a real closer and losing his job last year shows you that there has to be a reason why.

    The guy does not have the mental make up to handle the job. If you are closing, if you give up a hit, you have to keep your cool, if you get a bad call, you have to keep your cool…you can’t lose it every time things don’t go your way…you can’t refuse to even learn how to hold runners close or even learn how to throw over once and a while.

    As much has hot heads that K-Rod and Wagner were, they kept their sh!t together on the mound. K-Rod could have walked the bases loaded, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him.

    That’s the crazy thing, people hated K-Rod and the tight rope he walked, but they guy is still one of the top closers in the game and as easy as “closing” a game appears to be…it’s hard and not to many guys can get it done.

  6. GroteFan Says:

    IrishMike, USMF and TDFKAB L-wow great posts! I forgot how knowledgeable you all are, and what good met fans you are.
    Howard, not so much.
    I do agree that I didn’t know much about FF prior to the season, and based on what I see now, I like him less. But seriously, the Mets had bigger fish to fry during the off season. I had this team as a 75 win bunch, and so far they are well above that pace. What did you want, the Mets to commit $24M to Heath Bell, and $9M as an option? You have got to be kidding!
    Bullpens are notoriously fickle. We’ve all known that FF was not the answer, but let’s work with Ramirez and Byrdak, and some at this point unnamed player.
    Very annoying to lose 2 to the fish this weekend and see Reyes jumping around like a nut.
    Again, a good start. let’s see how they bounce back.

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    “and some at this point unnamed player.”

    I actually think he is named… Jenrry Mejia.

  8. Helix Says:

    These games are gonna’ bite us in the arse come season’s end; games that we shoulda won but tripped & fell crossing the finish line.

    All hands in deck tonight for Game 1 of Rangers - Devils at the Garden. Gotta’ keep pushing’ toward the Cup! Let’s Go Ran-gers!

  9. Lord Charles Says:

    “These games are gonna’ bite us in the arse come season’s end”

    May very well be true. But at the same time, given the projections for the Mets this year, if they are at a place in September where we are lamenting 1-2 wins they missed out on in May, then they will have had a pretty good season.

  10. foxster Says:

    oh phooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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