Frank Benitez Strikes in 9th

OUCH - that one hurt. 

I swear I saw Frank Francisco morph into Armando Benitez in the bottom of the 9th. In fact I’m positive I saw him channeling Benitez.

That L was a kick to the gut 3 different ways:

• We scrapped our way the entire game taking a 2 run lead in the 8th all for not.

• Watching your closer blow it is just so friggin’ demoralizing

• sucks even worse to blow a game against the other hot team in the NL East¬†

Let’s just make sure we win 1 in FLA.

4 Responses to “Frank Benitez Strikes in 9th”

  1. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    Boy that was really ugly last night and worse seeing it in person!

    Looks like we might have overpaid for a lousy closer. How long can you continue to be a closer with a 6.59 ERA?

    What do. The BMFers think about this guy?

  2. Helix Says:

    Let’s not forget Ike’s error which led to a run scored…

  3. Irish Mike Says:

    And Torres’ misplay on the first batter of the game which led to a run scoring. It’s easy to blame a loss on a blown save but every play and every run counts just the same.

    Frank Franc is exactly what we should have expected - a somewhat above average reliever but a below average “closer.” His decent save ratio is just further evidence that the save stat is irrelevant - he’s loaded up on some easy 3 run saves where he can pitch like crap and still get the vaunted “save” for his efforts. TC should try to get 7+ out of every starter and then go bullpen by committee from there.

  4. Howard Says:

    That was a crippling loss. The Mets have to find a closer either from the minors or make a trade for a guy who might be pitching 7th or 8th innings that they can see closing. It just shows what happens with bad drafting (Parnell). If he had worked out, then FF is not on the team, never mind closing.

    I do not want to see this horrendous closer ruin the momentum that this team has developed.
    Is Mejia close to joining the team? I would give him a shot immediately if possible.

    It is true that the Mets could have added runs but the closer has got to come in and close. And comparing FF to Benitez to me is crazy. I would take Benitez in a millisecond before FF.

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