Can Pagan Do It Again?

First off, BMF is a huge Pagan fan. 

I think he may have been baseball’s most underrated player last year. But I gotta admit I’m worried if he can do it again.

Everyone is so focused on whether or not Beltran and Reyes can stay healthy but until last season Angel has always had difficulty staying on the field.

That’s why he’s finally breaking through at about 30 years old.

Every time he was about to win himself an everyday job he’d get hurt.  

There’s no way to predict this and it may simply be a case of luck either good or bad but in a perfect world we’d have contingency plans in the event Pagan goes down.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    I think he can do it again but where do you think he’ll bat?

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Plan A: “Can you hear the drums, Fernando?”
    Plan B: “Doo Dah! Doo Dah!… Oh Du-da Day!”
    Plan C: “Oh, Danny Boy”

  3. Patrick Says:

    I’m listening to the FAN and I’m hearing about the Steelers, the Phillies, the Eagles, the Flyers, the Penguins. The only two Pennsylvania teams not showing up are the Pirates and the 76ers. What is up with sports in the state of Pennsylvania!?!?

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    I think Pagan can do it again. If he does stay healthy, he might even get Beltrans job, which I hope happens. Pagan in Center, Beltran in Right with Angel batting 6 or 7 would be a lineup I could live with. But whatever the lineup, I just hope my Mets have more good days than bad and make each game, at the least, competitive.


  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Pagan will bat 2nd in the lineup behind Reyes. I am starting to feel it! Two weeks before pitchers and catchers report!

    If you should be coming down to FL for Spring Training, please bring some pitching down with you!

    Lets Go Mets!

  6. CowCrusher Says:

    Actually, Pennsylvainia is not a “State” but a “Commonwealth”. There are four such entiies in total in the USA. Virginia, Massachusetts and Kentucky. Pueto Rico is also a Commonwealth but lacks full representation in the US House of Representatives and Senate.
    I call dibs on half if any BMF’s win on a game show such as Jepoardy!B-)

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Looks like I may be heading to ST afterall. I will be on the Left side of Fla to see the Mets at Twins and BoSox. I will try to make it over to PSL.

  8. joan payson Says:

    I agree - love Pagan. He won me over last year.

    But the issue on the table is wilpon, madoff, sale, credibility.

    The house is on fire and we’re talking about the lovely curtains.

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    This ownership is HUMILIATING. I hope they just sell the team. So much drama!!!

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Okay, after this Sunday there’s no more hiding, us baseball peeps will be watching.

    I’m scared that Pagan had “his” year last year and won’t be able to repeat or exceed now that we’ll have the regulars slotted in, out there.
    I hope I’m wrong, but that’s my fear.

    Just sell the damn team Fred, wtf.

  11. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Pagan? trade bait …. and why are we keeping Reyes? everyone knows we can’t afford him ? whens the fire sale?

  12. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Getting close To Spring Training!!!

    Wright arrives in PSL tomorrow!

    Daniel Murphy, Taylor Tankersley and Nick Evans are there already!
    Nice to see the Enthusiasum!!

  13. Jeff Says:

    BMF & everybody else: Pagan’s played his butt off the last 2 years and obviously wants to be part of the solution (culture of winning) and not part of the problem (shiny new stadium/high prices/players who manage themselves.)

    As a Met fan, I gave up on wishing for luck a long time ago — good teams make their own luck. Never forget ’86’s WS game 6 had more to do with grit & cojones than a dribbler between Billy Bucks’ legs.

    I don’t care who owns this team, or how many Dodger references there are in the stadium.
    Just give me Angel Pagans and more guys like him, and I’ll stay a rabid Met fan down here in deepest, darkest Delaware.

  14. Met_Maven Says:

    Jeff, I couldn’t agree more. We don’t need big name FAs, we need guys who will play their hardest and do whatever it takes to win, I’d take a team of Pagans over any team any day of the week!

    Can’t wait till Spring Training!


  15. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This morning, The Apple received the following press release from the team:

    You’ve were there when Katrina hit, the hurricane in Haiti, and when that tsunami made land somewhere over in Asia. But now one of the greatest man-made disasters is calling you out to give generously once again.

    Announcing the 50 hour SNY telethon to re-enrich Sterling Equities, the owners of the New York Mets. The event will start on April 1st (apropos, no?) at the end of spring training.

    The story is well known by now. How Fred Wilpon, his son Jeff, and their partner Saul Katz invested hundreds of millions of dollars with that scallywag Bernie Madoff. Because the three took more money out of his ponzi scheme than they put in, they are now being sued for an amount in the hundreds of millions of dollars. If the suit is successful the three will seriously have to consider selling all or part of the Mets. It could even get to the point that the three might have to start living like regular people instead of continuing to be filthy rich.

    This can not stand.

    The telethon, 50 hours to represent one hour for each of the Mets’ 50 seasons, will be co-hosted by two beloved Jerrys. Jerry Lewis, incredibly old comedian/American institution who is to telethonning what Dick Clark is to New Years, has agreed to stay awake and host the first three or four hours. Then his co-host, famous Mets fan, Jerry Seinfeld will anchor the rest of the coverage.

    The goal will be donations adding to $200 Million. Yes, it might take this much to keep the Mets from becoming Pittsburgh Pirates east.

    Entertainment is still being lined up at this time but here are some of the things we know:

    1- When the donations hit the magic $18 million mark General Manager Sandy Alderson will bring Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo on stage. Perez will be given a check for $12 million, Castillo for $6 mill and they’ll both be formally handed their unconditional release. Whether that will be followed by burning in effigy or tarring-and-feathering is still to be decided.

    2- The usual assortment of American Idol losers will perform sprinkled throughout the program.

    3- For the first time ever, The Salvation Army has agreed to deploy all its bell-ringers outside local malls and Wal-Marts at a time other than the holiday season. Their traditional red buckets will be replaced by mini-replicas of the Citi Field Home Run Apple.

    4- At the 35 hour mark, corresponding to the 1977 season, Tom Seaver will appear with a yet to be determined relative of the late Dick Young. Mr. or Ms. Young will apologize for their relative’s running “The Franchise” out of town. The emotional tide should keep the donations flowing in.

    5- At some point Ralph Kiner will be brought out to tell his classic stories of Choo-Choo Coleman on early Kiners Corner shows and to once again tell us how hard it was to face Ewell Blackwell. Yes, we’ve heard those tales dozens of times but it’s always so fresh when Ralph tells them again.

    6- And while monetarily this is not a gift, Mike Francesa has agreed to a 50 hour moratorium on saying snarky things about the Mets. You might think this is nothing significant but consider that the last time he went this long without bashing the team it had just hired Willie Randolph as manager.

  16. CowCrusher Says:

    Since this commercial TV, will Ed Kranepool re-do his famous Gillette “Foamy” ads and be a sponsor as well? Bring back Miss Rheingold…better yet, her grand daughter!

  17. The Foxster Says:

    the real question should be:


  18. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    This franchise is rotten to the core.

  19. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I always thought of Wilpon a man of integrity.. this is the biggest surprise to me ..

    I cannot see how he can afford to keep the team .. One Billlllllllllllioooonnnn dollars

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