Comeback City

We might as well start calling Philly Comeback City since the Mets have now comeback on the Phillies on consecutive days.

I’m not sure what’s more shocking, the fast start the Mets jumped out to or their ability to bounce back from last week’s tailspin to suddenly be 4 games over .500 and a mere 1.5 games out of first.

Either way Terry Collins deserves TONS of credit for the no fear, never quit Met attitude.

Wright hustled his ass off to stay in a rundown long enough for Nieuwei to draw a thow that eventually went down the line. Med shrewdly pointed out the 1st baseman’s failure to close on Wright for rundown.

This poor bastard Ike Davis is really a mess… Again. I though he was showing a pulse last week but he’s back in the crapper with a .167 avg. ┬áStill such a shame that ridiculous injury that A - never should’ve happened. Had he or Wright called for the ball, or Pelfrey directed traffic they never collide and Ike doesn’t get hurt.

Bautista was serviceable allowing 4R, 2ER in 5.1 IP. Certainly not impressive but ya gotta think he did enough to keep from getting bounced from rotation.

Everytime I’m ready to start getting on Duda he comes through with some hits and rbi. I can’t wait for this kid to find his groove b/c its gonna be scary.

I love beating Philly in Philly. Those last place mutts.

7 Responses to “Comeback City”

  1. KMac Says:

    Last night felt like one of those blowout turn the channel games…spot starter struggling early, down 4-0 after 2, defense playing sloppy, on the road but the Mets hung in there, played hard and turned it around big time. That was a great, team win. DWright is raking and his defense is better than ever too. Murph is playing great at 2B, he’ll muff an easy play every now and then, but he’s improved tremendously. Gotta get Ike going though.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I’d love to think that Wright forced that run-down between first & second knowing that a Phil would panic and throw to third. Yeah!!

  3. cleonjones Says:

    KMac- I hear you - was watching the game early and turned to another show for a little while. Came back and watched the crazy and exciting comeback. These young Mets play hard…. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    It’s pretty simple: they my not always be easy to watch, but they sure are easy to root for.

  5. Howard Says:

    Great game as we move towards 1st place in the standings.

    I really am wondering if the Mets will be smart enough to realize that the young guys are making the difference and that when Bay comes off the DL, he cannot be an every day player anymore. Niewenhuis has got to play as does Torres in center. If the organization wants to get some respect back from Mets fans, they should do the following with Bay:

    1. Offer him the opportunity to go down the the minors which I am sure he will not agree to
    2. Cut him (ummm… no way the Met$ do that)
    3. Trade his bad contract for a similar bad contract of a position that we need like a relief pitcher/starter. Not that I am recommending trading for Heath Bell but a pitcher who is completely underperforming who is not injured.

    I think most of us are tired of having a hole in the lineup the size of Bay who by the way cannot play the outfield either anymore.

    I have to give Bautista some props. After a lousy start, he kept the Phillies in check until we started doing some damage. He deserves another start or two or until Chris Young is ready to pitch.

    Beating Lee tonight and sweeping would be awesome.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  6. USMF Says:

    If you told me last week that the Mets would be going to Philly facing Lee and Doc and have Bautista starting the other game and we’d be in position to sweep the series, I’d you you were completely nuts.

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