Forget Reyes, Forget Tejada - We Got Valdespin

Wow!! Talk about making an immediate impact upon recall.

Jordany Valdespin stepped to the dish in the 9th as a pinch hitter and jackked a 3 run Bomb to propel the Mets to a 6-3 win. Obtw it was his first ML hit.

I like Reuben Tejada but if Valdespin can deliver power and speed from the SS position I would make that change.

Last year Valdespin hit 13 HR and swiped 33 bases in AA while batting .297… then hit 2 more and stole 4 more in AAA. 

He’s a second baseman still unproven at short but if the kid can hit like that we gotta let him play. 

Incredible win to come back against Halladay and win it in the 9th.


Josh Thole really got ROCKED by Wiggington. Met fans all know Wiggy is coming in hard and with purpose on a play at the plate. It was a clean hit but Thole’s head snapped sideways after an impact with Ty’s shoulder.

The kid held the ball and Wiggy was out but Thole’s head really got shook. He left the game and I would expect him to be headed to 15day DL.

Junior Seau killed himself less than a week ago, likely so concussions are freshly on the collective sports psyche AND the Mets have a history of bungling  head injuries so I think they’ll be extra cautious… and they should be. 

Plus Nickeas deserves some AB’s anyway.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Jordany Valdespin’s home run last night was great, but let’s not get too excited. Remember Omir Santos?

    Besides, I’d like one middle infielder who is an above-average defender… let’s not try to force Ruben Tejada to the bench just yet.

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    Wow. One hit (okay yes a very clutch home run but it was one at bat) by a guy now batting .143 and we are kicking Tejada to the curb? Tejada with the .305 BA and .362 OBP? Tejada who has a higher OPS than Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole and who also plays a very solid SS?

    Honestly if you go by the numbers Valdespin should be replacing Murphy at 2B not Tejada at SS. Well actually if you go by the numbers Valdespin should be coming off the bench like he was before the Tejada injury so let’s not get carried away. I guess we’ll get to see what he’s made of at the MLB level though for the next few weeks.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Let not get caught up in the emotion of a last inning dramatic home run. First of all it was hit in Philly’s bandbox and secondly the guy isn’t even hitting .150!

    The crazsier thought is that this team is only 2 1/2 games back with injuries and a bunch of unknows playing.

    Philly fans must be loving being in last place and 1 1/2 games out of fourth place. Boy did it just feel great to write that!


  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:


  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    Coming back from 2-0 down to tie it in 6th vs Halladay, then Valdespinsanity winning it with HR off Papelbon was just awesome. As somebody commented last night, irregardless of what happens the rest of the way, this will be one to remember!

  6. lowereasy Says:

    Anyone who has ever hit a baseball can appreciate how difficult that pitch was to hit by Valdy…. Out in front, off his toes…kept his hands back= pure beauty.

  7. Howard Says:

    The best thing of all.. There is no reason after 29 games not to think that this team is going to be in the playoff race the entire season.

    If Ike can start hitting even marginally, the order looks better and better.

    Tejada may not be as flashy as Reyes but look at the OBP of both throughout the season. I like Tejada more and more every game.

    I heard a rumor that Bay is taking a lie detector test to prove to the Mets organization that his rib is not bothering him anymore so that he can start a rehab assignment but Mets management will not pay attention to the results. The rumor goes on that Mets management have offered the entire Bay family including relatives tickets for a cruise around Alaska for the entire months of June and July.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  8. Irish Mike Says:

    lower - great point. Keith kind of pooh poohed that talking about the pitch having “too much plate.” First of all I’m not sure there is always such a thing second of all that pitch bit and dipped hard and Valdespin stayed with it and put it 15 rows into the seats. Ike would have missed that pitch by three feet.

  9. Irish Mike Says:

    So the Mets pull off as improbable and exciting a win as a team can have in May and here is Howard again looking to talk about a guy who hasn’t played in a few weeks.

  10. cleonjones Says:

    Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. El Dude Says:

    These Mets are fun to watch. Bobby O had it right on when he said these guys refuse to give up because “they don’t know any better.” And what would you rather watch? Homegrown talent get a chance to develop and shine on the big stage? Or big contract free agents underperform? Sorry JBay. Yeah we still have all kinds of issues: SP depth, injuries, etc. but hey at least it’s fun to watch games with no expectations and chalk up some gutty wins.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  12. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    Wow! …What a treat, I just found out Mejia will be pitching on Wed and Chris Young on Thurs for the PSL Mets when they play in Melbourne, FL

    Will be there for both games


  13. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Are you guys watching this? Un-be-lie-va-ble!!

  14. Helix Says:

    Holy Sh;t… who kidnapped the Mets and what have they done with them? Spankin’ the Sills twice in a row, from behind no less. Talk about a statement game.

    I thought for sure with Batista on the bump and 4 runs down, we were done. But noooo…. not this squad of scrappers.

    I know it probably won’t last, but until this bubble bursts, I’m diggin’ it… Big Time!

  15. Helix Says:

    … oh yeah and: LET’S GO RAN-GERS!

  16. Met_Maven Says:

    I know its still “early” but the Mets are doing great! I love the never say die attitude. So I was thinking if the Mets go 17-13 every 30 games, they could finish the season at around 91 wins. Of course we have to see how the season plays out and if they can keep this up over the long haul, but its nice to dream. Its also nice to be 4 games over .500 and 1.5 games out of first while the Philthies are in dead last!


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