Mets Win Series - Tejada Loses 

I can’t recall ever seeing someone  bite it like while approaching 1st base. I guess he slowing down which caused him to trip but there’s something weird going on with NYC teams and these freak injuries, Mariano, Amar’e  and Tejada.

Keepin it short today:

Quick Hits: 

&blull; Dickey is a freakin’ beast on the mound

&bull: Great to see D-Murph drive in a pair but where is his power??!!??

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  1. Howard Says:

    I am sorry but that is just pathetic that Tejada got hurt on that play. These guys need to either be in a lot better shape or stretch out their muscles in some program that the Mets put in place. How do you hurt yourself on that type of play? Just incredible!

    Does anyone other than me get the feeling that the Mets are in absolutely no rush to get Bay in a rehab assignment. I know the word is that he is not ready for one but I think that the Mets want to see how the other guys work out. We all know that with Bay on the 25 man roster, the Mets are basically forced to play him. This situation gives the Mets the only way of not playing him. I think that the Mets have finally given up on him ‘waking up from his coma’.

    We are hanging in there. This Philly series will be somewhat telling. They always seem to get overmatched before the game even starts when they face a pitcher like Holladay. Let’s get a win this evening.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  2. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    Well the way players are dr

  3. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    Well the way players are dropping .like flies, we are going to see if our lack of depth is going
    to come back and hurt us.

    So far we are staying afloat, but I am not so sure how long we can keep it up. I for one thought we would be out of it by mid May.

    Six games against division rivals. This is a big week.


  4. Met_Maven Says:

    That’s all it was, a freak accident. It doesn’t have anything to do with stretching or lack thereof. Like Mariano, he had a bad misstep coupled with an awkward stumble, it could have happened to anyone. Hopefully he won’t miss any significant amount of time.

    I wouldn’t put Mariano, Amar’e and Tejada’s injuries all together. Amar’e could have avoided his by NOT punching the fire extinguisher.

    But focusing on the positives, Dickey was excellent. They’re still getting timely hits and were able to score runs when they need to. Granted it was just the D-Backs but it could be the extra boost of confidence they need to get a few W’s on the road, I’ll take it!

    Lets start this road trip off with a W!

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Hate all things Phillie, except our regular Phan poster, of course, and especially dislike Hamels, usually, but have to say that I totally love his plonking of Bryce Harper the other day. Of course, Hamels is too stupid to keep his mouth shut about it, so he’ll probably receive an unwarranted fine/suspension from the league for it, but really what’s better than a traditional “Welcome to the Show, rook!” baseball in the back. Nothing beats it. Except of course how the kid then takes his anger out on the base paths and burns Hamels with a steal of home!! Totally great– loved it!! Baseball, like it ought to be.

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