Back at .500

The Magic that graced the Mets the majority of April has evaporated. 

That’s not a terrible thing since we now look like the team we thought we were getting… but after being teased by the April Mets it’s a little frustrating. 

The relief corps has gone south and the hitting is spotty… at best.

Even Ike Davis let one skip past him for a very uncharacteristic error. 

I’m worried that Ike may need most of this season to get back up to speed after missing the majority of last year.

Looks like Schwinden’s chance expired as he was sent down and TC said Bautista will take the ball on Tuesday. I bet Bautista gives us a quality start.

Now lets hope we can win a couple games before Tues

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  1. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    I just hope this is just a losing streak and not the beginning of a “Free Fall” to the basement.

    Nobody is really stepping up on this team. There does not seem to be a player who is the team leader.

    Hope. They can survive this set back and continue to stick around at least till Memorial Day.

  2. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    We got John going today so hopefully the losing stops here. And hopefully he can get a much deserved first win.

    Nice move by the Mets yesterday to honor the Beastie Boys. MCA - a Brooklyn original.

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    How great is that? Two in a row against the D-Backs!! Not too shabby. Think where we could be if we’d only resigned Cappy!

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