No Mo’ Mo’ ???

No one hates the yankees more than BMF. I generally relish everything bad that happens to the franchise but I gotta say I felt bad seeing Marino crumpled against the OF wall having torn an ACL while shagging balls pregame. 

You have to imagine that’s a wrap on his career. At 42 with a knee rehab ahead I can’t fathom he’d be able to come back and be effective. 

I cringed seeing the replay. It was nothing short of bizarre to see the all-time greatest reliever getting picked up off the warning track with a devastating injury. 

I honestly feel bad for the guy. I have no sympathy for yankee fans but Mariano was always a class act. 

I’m actually surprised at my reaction but I really felt for Mo. The guy deserved better than this. I guess after the career he’s had he can’t complain about anything but this is a crappy way for him to go.

That said, it will be VERY INTERESTING to see the yankees who will now suddenly have a mere mortal closing games. 

This also means 1 less number 42 in the game. In fact is there anyone else left at this point or has that number seen it’s last non April 15th game?

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    Agreed. Hate the Yankees, but nothing but respect for Mo. I always separated him and Bernie Williams from the rest when talking ish about he NYY.

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    Mo has always been a class act and to see him go out like this is shocking. I actually hope he makes a recovery so he can comeback and retire on his terms not due to some freak accident. As for his wearing 42, he is the last player to officially wear it for a number of years now.

  3. Luis Says:

    What Lord Charles said…and Maven is also correct- he is the last of the 42s. He can recover from this however and be ready for spring training- He might even be able to pitch in Sept depending upon the severity of the injury.

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Remember when Franco needed Tommy John surgery back in 2002. I think he was 42 at that time, but he decided to have the surgery, come back and pitch in MLB again. I’d be surprised if Mo Rivera didn’t do the same with his ACL injury. Hell, he has to have the surgery, and has to rehab anyway, so why not bring yourself all the way back, pitch for a season and then call it a day on your own terms. In any event, I echo all of the respect accorded Rivera on the site this morning…. great is great, after all. I suspect that even CowCrusher will be hard pressed to feel total joy in this Yankee setback this morning. Well, maybe that’s going a bit too far CC, stop that unseemly dancing for joy!!! :)

  5. Irish Mike Says:

    I hated seeing that last night. If there is one Yankee I can conjure up major respect for it is Mo. Regarding a comeback - the idea of finishing “on his own terms” sounds great but who is to say if he can do that? He thought he was doing that this year. He can rehab himself back but then next year he will be the oldest player in the game coming off a major injury and will be far from indestructible. He could suffer another pratfall/injury and wind up undergoing torturous rehab again just to be able to walk okay. Personally I think he should quit while he is (sort of) ahead but I’ll respect his decision either way.

  6. JoMama Says:

    I hate the Tankees as much as the next Mets fan but Mo was awesome. Very sad day exacerbated by MCA’s death.

  7. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    R.I.P– M.C.A. Know you’re out somewhere sipping def ale with all the fly women. No sleep til Brooklyn!

  8. AJW Says:

    Had this injury happened to a Met, Jason Bay perhaps, we would have never heard the end of it from the media and various wise guys. I don’t feel good about Mo’s injury but I do feel good that the Mets aren’t the only team that has been snakebit and after all what team deserves to be snakebit more by the injury bug than the yanks.

  9. Phantom Says:

    He’s had the greatest of careers even if it ends now. A first ballot Hall of Famer, much respected by all in his sport and in society.

    There are worse fates.

    Good luck to you, Mariano Rivera.

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