Schwinden Not the Answer

Seems like a good kid but he’s not the answer to fill Big Pelf’s shoes. In Schwinden’s defense he’s drawn the 2 worst  ballparks in baseball to pitch in, COL and HOU. 

Thats a crappy deal for any young arm but Schwinden’s minor league stats don’t really give us much hope for improvement.

Does Collins give him another start?  Probably. Because he deserves a chance at a fair ballpark and there’s no one else really pushing to come up.

Chris Young (remember him?) is rehabbing and  currently throwing off a mound but he’s nowhere close to game ready.

Zack Wheeler is looking good at AA but they’re not rushing him or Matt Harvey before they’re ready.

Juerys Familia is at AA and striking dudes out left and right but his 5.4 ERA isn’t gonna get him that promotion.

What I’m worried about is this gaping hole in our rotation becoming the drain that sucks our season away. It’s gonna be hard enough to keep our heads above water this season w/o an overmatched kid in Pelf’s spot. 

Getting swept outta Houston suddenly puts us on a very slippery slope. 1 more loss and we’re back at .500 …

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  1. Irish Mike Says:

    “What I’m worried about is this gaping hole in our rotation becoming the drain that sucks our season away.”

    Boy that paints a picture doesn’t it?

    It’s funny - somehow the impression you get when watching the Mets is that their offense is the problem. Guys flirting with the Mendoza line, limited home run hitting, no base stealing, Bay sucking as always etc. Meanwhile the 4 regular starters appear to be having mostly good outings, Relievers like Rausch have had major scoreless streaks and even Francisco has been, uh, okay. But it’s mostly an illusion. Their run scoring, while nothing to write home about, is at least middle of the pack. But their runs given up is 2nd worse in the league. And their run differential is now the worst in the NL. Statsticians say that over the first 50 games run differential is the better judge of a team than W-L record. If the Mets keep playing like this they are in big trouble.

  2. Florida Met Fan RIch Says:

    We haven’t won in Houston in 50 years! Why should we start now?

    This team is probably where it should be right now. A 500 team at best!

    The question is can we hang on and keep this up or do we begin to fade.

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