No SP means No W

Good pitching beats good hitting has always been a tenant of baseball but this years Met team’s chances to “compete” is especially reliant on starting pitching.

I put quotes around “compete” because I remain skeptical we can hang in there for 5 more months with the big dogs. We simply don’t have the offensive firepower to slug our way to victory on the days we don’t get quality starts.

Niese just didn’t have it last night. Hey, that’s gonna happen sometimes, especially with a young arm, so I don’t hold it against the kid but teams like the Yankees can overcome a 6 earned runs from a starter. The Mets can’t.

Mostly b/c we’ve got a crop of young hitters and like it or not they’re gonna be inconsistent at best while they cut their teeth.

Wright should hit no question.

Ike is making up for a missed a year and he’s still a pup himself.

Duda I firmly believe can be one of the top sluggers in the game, but he’s not there yet.

Bay… need I say more?

Murphy great avg guy but not enough power to carry the team. 

Thole combine my Murphy and Duda comments and you have Thole. Young and not enough power to be a game. Hanger anyway.

Tejada is grow into a dangerous top of the order threat… but he’s not there yet.

Nieuwenheis is a New Fish so anything we get is gravy.

So with all those offensive question marks we can’t afford bad starts.

It’s Day Game Wednesday - don’t forget.

5 Responses to “No SP means No W”

  1. Patrick Says:

    My hope is that we can compete like Tampa Bay in the NL. The same arguments can be made for the Tampa Bay teams from the last six years. As long as we stay aggressive and support the players we could surprise them all.

  2. Luis Says:

    Luckily I got the Astros feed here in Austin as their announcers are pretty good. After listening to the Rockies guys I was about to just turn off the volume. One of the things I liked last night was that 6 of the starters were farm products..

  3. Buck Says:

    Not a big Schwinden fan!

  4. Irish Mike Says:

    TC’s decision to yank Niese so early last night was stupid then and looks even stupider now that Schwinden did exactly what we knew he would do (suck and get yanked early) and now the bullpen has to go long. On a day game after a night game no less. Wasn’t Ike Davis a good college pitcher? He might want to get loose.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    agree: TC identified the “moment” in the top of the 4th inning– he had to bring Duda in to PH then? Ah, well.

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