Incredible April 

Who knows what the rest of the season holds for us but April has really been amazing for the Mets.

13-10 in 3rd place only a game and a half off the pace isn’t quite the stuff of dreams but it FAR exceeded BMF’s expectations for the 2012 NYMets. In fact I would use the word “shocking”.

The funny thing is we may not be the biggest surprise in our own division since the Nats are in first place. Then again the last place Fish could wear that crown as well.

Over all our starting pitching has been fantastic. The bullpen has been better. The bats have cooled lately but Ike looks to be out of his coma so we may start putting up some runs again.

Y’know forget about any Nieuwenheis/Torres debate we should have a Torres/Bay conversation when Jason comes back. It’s prob a wasted thought because unlike Torres, Bay IS making too much to sit. Too bad.

Dickey was better than his final line last nite 3R, 3H, 2BB, 6K in 6IP. If it weren’t for the 2 run shot in the 6th we may have won that game.

Is it just me or does Houston’s OF’e Brian Bogusevic look exactly like Mark Texeria in the batters box?!?

At first I needed to think about it but after about 30 secs I started to really like the straight forward Black and White logo/ color scheme for the Brooklyn Nets.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Have to agree April was way netter than expected! I would never have thought we would be on the thick of things.

    Going to Houston is like playing in a black hole! Even when I was a kid the Astros used to crush us in Houston, no matter how bad they were.

    I wonder what our overall record is there?

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    Agreed it is hard not to be pleased with an April that finishes with the Mets on pace to win 90+ games. But they are doing it in an odd way - winning close and losing badly (last night being the exception). The Mets run differential is -20. The only two NL teams with a worse run differential are the Cubs (-21, W-L record of 8-15) and the Padres (-24, W-L record of 7-17). Translation: the Mets have been getting away with murder. Which is great! But they won’t be able to walk this tightrope all year and will need more consistency at the plate and on the mound. Particularly on the mound - only two NL teams have given up more runs than the Mets.

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