Collins Kicks Ass! 

Sunday’s game was merely more evidence Terry Collins is the MF’n man. If you’re a Met fan I don’t know how you can’t believe in Terry Collins.

Not only do his guys play hard for him, they Win.

With a year under his belt TC has a team full of gritty ball players who believe in themselves.

To watch them give back a 4-0 lead on 1 grand slam swing and then to watch another lead in the 10th evaporate and score again in the 11th shows a whole buncha no quit.

Nieuwenheis CANNOT SIT now that Torres is back. I don’t care about veteran status, or financial investment - Nieuwe has proved he needs to be playing every day.

Johan was robbed AGAIN today. There seems to be an epidemic fantastic starts getting blown by the pen. Maybe it’s just the Mets and  my fantasy team.

Looks like Ike is back! A 3-6 day and the game winner … smells like Ike is about to GO OFF … I’m just sayin’…

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  1. Original62Fan Says:

    Well, tomorrow is May 1st and the Mets, although not deep in talent, have played hard and are sitting firmly in 3rd place. Where are all you “doomsdayers” that predicted all winter that, based on their April schedule, they would be in the cellar by now and we would be looking at 2014 before we can be happy again? It’s actually fun to watch games again. I just hope not too many more starters get hurt.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I admit it! I am one of those “doomsdayers”! That was a really good win to pull out yesterday with all the reasons and signs saying we were gonna lose it!

    The baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint though, and I just hope we can keep it up. The team looks inspired and is playing scarppy baseball.

    I have to tip my hat to TC right now for having a good chemistry with the club! I hope we keep playing the young kids for the rest of the year!

    Lets beat up on the Astros now!….LETS GO METS!

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