No Losing Streak

One thing about these Mets is they seem to have an aversion to losing streaks. Almost every time there’s a loss the team bounces immed back with a win.

Monday’s Twin Bill sweep not withstanding, the Mets held true to form bouncing back from Fri nite’s loss to top the Rox 7-5.

To me the hi-lite of the game was Lucas Duda who collected 2 hits, and 4 RBI while blasting his 4th bomb on the year. And Duda would’ve had 2 more ribbies were it not for the Rockies CF Fowler making a great shoestring.

The Rockies are a fairly unimpressive team but if we can get a road series win that’s an accomplishment no matter who you play.

Torres is back on Mon… Stay tuned for an impending roster move and decision  re: Nieuwenheis… Kirk might want to have a big game Sun…

5 Responses to “No Losing Streak”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Get rid of Torres and let the kids play! Why can’t they just admit we are rebuilding?

    What do we gain by playing him?

  2. Howard Says:

    We are rebuilding but we are also right in it with a .571 winning percentage 21 games intot he season and Johan going today. I think this team is proving that it is solid. And once Ike starts hitting a little, the lineup will be even better. I do not mind keeping Torres if he can provide some speed in the lineup as we desperately need that. But I want the rookie in LF and Bay either on the bench in the dugout or on the bench somewhere in Central Park or wherever.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Wild ride to a win today! How low did you feel after Brydak’s oops to Helton? How high when Nieuwenhuis brought in Baxter in the top of the tenth? How low when Francisco grooved one to Gonzalez in the bottom of the 10th? How high when Ike brought DW home in the top of the 11th? How great when Valdespin came in to the game at 2nd after all “the adventures of Murphy” on every grounder in the previous inning? How low when you realized that Collins still had to leave Murphy our on the field, only now at 1st? How low when the ball left Scutaro’s bat and you saw Hairston retreat to the warning track? How high when Hairston made the grab and they could finally “put it in the books!” Lots of anxiety, but lots of fun. Mets 2012–gotta love it.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    If nothing else, at least this team is interesting. And right now, it’s finding ways to win, which is awesome. The team is on pace to win 96 games, which we all know won’t happen, but let’s enjoy the ride while we can!

  5. ProfessorReyes Says:

    The dude says it all…… except you left out, how bad did you feel for Johan :(
    Is he thinking, Here comes another year of no decisions?
    Everybody was all about Ike, but I wanted to give the game ball to Nieuwy!

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