New Ownership Could Make Mets Cool Again

My initial reaction to the Wilpons selling off part of the Mets was trepidation but now that the first potential ownership group has emerged I’m very excited by the possibilities.

Martin Luther King III, Ed Kranepool and Donn Clendenon Jr. are leading an investment group acting aggressively out of the gate and BMF is lovin’ it.

Imagine MLK’s legacy, the all-time Mr Met, and the son of a ‘69 hero joining the organization as owners. It would instantly make the Mets the coolest team in town… at least in the ownership department.

We used to have cool owners when the Doubleday family was involved. Having descendants of Abner the man who invented the game was freakin’ cool… until Fred bought them out.

On the “cool owners” scale the Wilpons rate close to the bottom.

A couple of the cooler owners in sports:
• The Maloof Brothers - pretty cool owners

• Mark Cuban - sort of a tool but def a cool owner

• Al Davis - total psycho but still cool as hell

• Jerry Jones - acts like a dick but still cool 

• Hank & Hal - their dad may have been nuts but he was definitely cool - Hank and Hal are anything but cool yet they’re still light years ahead of the cool challenged Wilpons.

• The Maras - family helped make the NFL - very cool

• Woody Johnson - pretty damn cool

This ownership group seems to want no less than 50% but the Wilpons are initially looking for 25%. I doubt they’d sell anything more than 49% but you never know…

11 Responses to “New Ownership Could Make Mets Cool Again”

  1. USMF Says:

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Putting Davis and Jones on the “cool” list is probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever said. Making the “cool” list is the 2nd stupidest thing you’ve ever said.

  2. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    I’m with USMF

    My biggest concern is an ownership group that can field the best team and bring us Met fans the world series we crave. I could care less about the cool factor or who they are.

    I think BMF is just a little antsy for something to happen and for spring training to start.

  3. Helix Says:


    No offense bro… but you sound like an SNL “Miley Cyrus” skit.

    I”m just bummin’ that Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t stepped up to the plate (pun intended). He’d sure as hell bring back “Banner Day”.

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    You seem to have some pull since you are also in the “industry”…Man up, give Jerry a jingle and explain to him our grievences. We very need much joy in Metland.

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    According to the Daily News our new guv prefers the Mets over the skanks. Of course he rooted for them during the debates last october (that reallife SNLskit from hell)…but hey, he is a politician and you know how any of them ever tell the truth;P

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Is this satire?

  7. mlk Says:

    “Imagine MLK’s legacy, the all-time Mr Met, and the son of a ‘69 hero joining the organization as owners. It would instantly make the Mets the coolest team in town… at least in the ownership department.”

    The MLK statement today made my skin crawl. He said nothing about making the team better. All he’s interested in is “diversity.” That’s what fred has done to this team. His embrace of a minority gm and manager who were in over their heads and his Jackie Robinson fetish have sent a message to MLK and others like him - our organization is here to make you feel better, not necessarilty to win baseball games. I don’t recall MLK making a run at the Texas Rangers. Only the Mets get this kind of interest - someone interested in making a social statement via the team. Who said Al Sharpton as pitching coach? Wrong - he’ll be in center field when Beltran leaves.

    What a joke. Speaking of which, this isn’t really an issue, because MLK doesn’t have a pot to piss in and he won’t get the $$, unless Oprah buys the diversity bulls**t.

    I’m not going to ask, like other people here, whether you’re kidding or not. I’ve read enough here over the last four years to know that you really do mean it.

    Anyone wondering if Alderson was warned that all this was coming? If not, next shoe to drop is Alderson’s resignation because he was misled and thus can’t work with the Wilpons.

    If he was warned, why did he take the job?

  8. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    When can we talk baseball?..Two Weeks..Woo! Hoo!

  9. mlk Says:

    Florida Rich –

    are you kidding?

    talk baseball??????

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    How can one even talk baseball when the present owners are “torping” the organization with oooey~goooey political b.s.?
    Sure it’s a business…it’s the Wilpons who are not able to run one successfully!

  11. Noppenbahn Says:

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