Old Skool Coors Farce 

Sometimes Coors Field is fun but last night was the kind of game that makes you hate that place. We got our asses kicked in 18-9 and had the pleasure of witnessing 6 Met errors, including 4 in one inning, a 2 out 4 run rally  in the top of the 5th before an 11 run onslaught against us in the bottom of the frame.

On the plus side Scott Hairston hit for the cycle. But when his final AB ended in a swinging strike 3 it occurred to me Baseball has a funny way of humbling you even when you just Cycled.

So far it doesn’t look like Craig Schwinden is the guy to replace Big Pelf… but Coors Field isn’t a fair test.

We were due for a bad loss - gotta let it slide and get ‘em tomm.

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  1. foxster Says:

    this last game reminded me of the Mets of the 1960’s. a fan was told that the Amazings had scored 10 runs in some afternoon game and his reaction was to ask if they’d won?

    last night, the ever Amazings busted out with a total of 9 runs, but with a team effort allowed the other team to score 18. nuff said!

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