Not So Fast Fish

Funny how things sometimes turn out once they start actually playing the games.

The preseason outlook was very clear: the Mets would suck and the Supercharged Marlins with their new stadium and free agent bonanza team would go toe to toe with the Phillies for the NL East.

But that’s not what just happened in Flushing as the Mets SWEPT the Marlins. I honestly can’t wrap my brain around this happened especially after dropping 2 to Frisco on Mon.

Quite frankly the Mets have no business winning games if you consider that we lost our starting CF, Big Pelf is having Tommy John surgery, Bay is on the DL, and has done next to nothing anyway and Ike Davis’ mojo is missing. 

Yet somehow we’re winning. I attribute this to great pitching and Terry Collins who has his guys ready to play every inning of every game.

TC is still under the radar but he’s done a tremendous job with the Mets. 

Possibly more shocking is the under achieving Fish team led by Reyes who has done NOTHING so far this year.

I take no joy from Jose’s struggles but I loved watching Heath Bell limp through the 9th throwing 45 pitches before ultimately losing the game.

Justin Turner did a fantastic job working Bell for a 10+ pitch AB and earning a walk to tie the game.

Now out to Colorado which will hopefully jump start our bats a little.

8 Responses to “Not So Fast Fish”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I was thinking he same thing. Terry Collins is doing a great job. I think the fact that we have an almost 100% home-grown team helps. Honestly, this is the team that I’ve wanted to root for, Mets from the farm.

  2. USMF Says:

    Look at the standing s around the division and league in general.

    NL East
    Nats are pitching great and have the best record in MLB. Phils and Miami and stuck in the bottom.

    Al East
    The O’s and Rays Tied for 1st, the Sox pitching has sucked.

    NL Central
    Not that big of a surprise…other than the Cards are doing great despite the injuries and lose of Albert. The rest of the division is under %.500

    Al Central
    Not too surprising, other than the Tigers being in 3rd.

    NL West
    Surprising to the the Dodgers doing so well.

    AL West.
    The Angels record is one of the most surprising things so far. With their pitching talent and line up, they should be much better.

    I am quickly becoming a Caption Kirk fan. This guy is just a pure player and is doing something positive everyday.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I think we have the “Wizard of Ozzie” to thank for this gift! I can’t believe the fish paid 10 million for that dope to come in and insult the entire fan base of Miami!

    How dumb can you be to leave your closer in. You think he might have gotten a hint after the second or third walk? I could have come to the plate in the ninth and gotten on base!

    Four walks by four different pitchers in one game and four walks by one pitcher in another. You can’t even script this stuff.


  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Agreed about TC and love the home grown team. Sucks about Pelf. Hopefully Sandy can find us some more depth in the rotation somewhere…

  5. KMac Says:

    Why couldn’t Pelf get hurt last year when he sucked? He seems to have figured something out this year and was pitching good, and then get’s hurt.

  6. JoMama Says:

    I recall last year or the year before where the standing all across the board were flip flopped early season. In terms of our division, I don’t think the Nats young arms can sustain this kind of momentum for much longer, they’ll come back down to earth (meaning .500 ball) come mid June. Phils will get into their groove, Fish will finish strong. Not sure about the Braves right now. Mets and Nats will again finish around the bottom. Sad but this is what I’ve come to expect. An 80 win season would be nice.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    That was a nice rally, a great AB by Turner and a big hit by Captain Kirk. Like last year, this team will be scrappy, which is always a good thing.

    I don’t expect this team to truly compete for a playoff spot, but with the starting pitching, it could very well hang around a while. More importantly, more young players are being developed, which gives more hope for the future.

    I’d love to be pleasantly surprised and see this team make the postseason, but I’ll be just fine if the kids keep improving, more kids come up along the way and there is a real foundation to which parts can be added.

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