Met and Fans Fail Wright 

Where was the love last nite for David Wright, the Mets new All-Time RBI leader?

BMF was in shock after watching an utterly disgusting performance from the crowd of “Met Fans” at CityField last night. 

In case you missed it, our Golden Boy David Wright clubbed a 2 run HR to breaking the All-Time Met RBI record. David surpassed Darryl Strawberry’s 733 with a 2 run HR. It was a big HR to give us the lead and the fans cheered like crazy… 

They cheered, sat down and the game moved on without the slightest acknowledgement of Wright’s feat. 

Maybe it was different in person but from watching on SNY the entire stadium looked oblivious to the history that had just occurred. 

No curtain call? No Scoreboard tribute? Or announcement? No standing O, no Congratulations, no Thank You, nuthin’???

If this was a yankee setting a franchise record for friggin’ doubles they’d stop the game. Suzyn Waldman would be screetching, Sterling blabbering and 20 min of pomp and circumstance.

In Flushing… Nothing.

But I place most of the blame on the Met organization who once again fumbled away a chance to do something right. Where was the PR behind this to build some hype as Wright appproached the soon to fall record?

If Jeter was chasing an RBI record all of NY would’ve been talking about it for weeks. Granted it’s an unreasonable comparison with the yankees and their all-time records held by HoF greats  but why can’t the Mets celebrate OUR history properly? It’s pathetic.

Admittedly I didn’t think about any of this until the moment was upon us but I’m not getting paid to run the Mets.

Which brings me back to the fans. They who should’ve known better and done more to spontaneously celebrate the moment. The good old Shea Faithful would never have let that happen without a Standing O.

Is there such a pall cast over this franchise that we the fans have become zombies??? Its a freakin disgrace.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Congrats to DW and all that, but it does seem rather like a somewhat meaningless number to me, anyway. I mean, didn’t Lastings Milledge put up those kind of numbers in a single season once? Or was that Sidd Finch?
    R.A Dickey was great last night.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We only do tributes for opposing players!…..He will get one once we trade him at the trade deadline for some prospects!

  3. Freddy Says:

    Congratulations David hope you have plenty more as a Met! I love this team but couldn’t agree with you more BMF. I’ve given up on ownership but you are right the fans have lost it. They should have given David more love because next year when the team realizes it missed another oportunity they will probably do something real special and at that point it wont mean the same. Why does everything take so long for everything to to happen around here???

  4. Paul Says:

    Everybody that was there clapped for Wright’s home run, and the Mets did post a scoreboard graphic that earned another round of applause.

    But it was one of the smallest crowds I’ve ever seen at Citi Field… The announced attendance was 20,623, and I’m sure the actual number was lower.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Isn’t this kinda what you wanted BMF? Small crowds. Show ownership we aren’t happy. It’s sad for someone like David Wright but someone has to suffer.

  6. John In Athens Says:

    You lost me when you perched your bitch upon what the Yankees would have done.

    Who gives a s**t.

    We got the win.


  7. USMF Says:

    It’s strange at the start of the season the attendance looked pretty decent, but it’s very quickly dropped off. I don’t know if the quick start and slow down is the reason or if it has more to do with the weather or what.

    As far as the Mets organization stopping the game for the accomplishment…that’s just stupid. They did the same thing for Wright that they do for every players milestone accomplishment.

    If they did anything more than that, it would be very pretentious and not what I want/expect the Mets to be about.

    Plus, it’s not this RBI total is really something to be proud of. I mean 735 RBIs is not that impressive an RBI total. It doesn’t even put him on the top 500 of all time list.

    The other top leaders on the Mets list only played fractions of their careers with the Mets.

    To me, this just highlights the Mets inability to develop and keep true run producing talent and just the overall lack of run producers the Mets have had. It’s too bad, because once again it looks like we might lose an all time Mets great to another team before they ever accomplish anything.

    As my grandfather would say, this just makes Wright the prettiest girl in the ugly row.

  8. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Paul: A scoreboard announcement seems about right. They acknowledged it and then they moved on. As far as the crowd goes, let’s face it– you just don’t draw big crowds on weekday night games in April. It’s cold, the kids are in school. I was looking back at the box scores from some games from back in the day at Shea. In 1986, for example, one of the greatest years for the Mets, and a year they had a total attendance of 2.7 million, they only drew a total of 25,000 for a two game series against the Buc-O’s in late April. 10,000 one evening and 15,000 the next.
    That’s April baseball, what can you do.

  9. Buck Says:

    Great perspective DFKAB…..and I couldn’t agree more. The same could be said of the Reyes ‘Homecoming’ on Monday. A crowd of 5 - 10K people on a chilly April weeknight is very, very normal for all MLB teams and is certainly not indicative of lethargy towards DW’s historic night or Reyes ‘reception’ from the majority of Mets fans in general.

  10. Buck Says:

    I meant Tuesday in reyes ‘homecoming’ night.

  11. CW Says:

    ^Dude- I agree with your premise of weeknight April attendance, but keep in mind that back in ‘86, they only counted fannies in the seats as opposed to taday when they go by tickets sold. That skews things a bit, but it also makes that 2.7 million more impressive.

  12. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    CW: right you are!! That’s what makes the 2008/2009 Mets “official” attendance figures so comical. check these out: 2008, Shea Stadium: 4,042,045!!! 2009, Citi Field: 3,168,571!!
    give me a break! :)

  13. Met_Maven Says:

    BMF got this one wrong. The Mets & their fans did acknowledge Wright. First by the fans giving him a standing ovation, and the Mets putting a graphic on the scoreboard congratulating DW on his achievement which lead to another round of applause by the Shea Faithful.

    As for the drop off in attendance, there are a few things to factor into it. First thing to consider that a lot of people don’t think about is the kids are all taking their state tests. Its 2 weeks of grueling testing that they all have to study for. As a tutor, I can tell you that’s keeping a lot of kids from doing anything but studying the past two weeks. Couple that with their opening hot streak cooled off. Opening Week was during Spring Break when a lot of people had off making it easier for more fans to get to the games. Take into account the cool weather and that will lead to empty seats. I’m sure if they keep playing like they have (.500 ball) the seats will fill a little more come the warm weather.

    Last night was a great win for the Mets and a great accomplishment for Wright. Lets hope they can get the sweep of the fish and win some games on the road!


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