Borderline Miracle Win

Last nite had all the earmarks of a big fat L hanging in the air. Before play even began we lost Bay to the DL with a cracked rib and Big Pelf for the SEASON with a partially torn ligament in his elbow.

Add to that the return of Reyes and the deflating sweep on Mon and it felt like we were in free fall.

Incredibly Johan Santana rebounded from last week’s catastrophe to throw a GEM that saw him in complete control the entire way allowing 1R, 3H, 2BB, 11K in 6.1 IP.

But that wouldn’t have been enough to get it done with the dormant offense that needed the help of 4 different Fish pitchers issuing 4 consecutive walks to finally plate a run in the 7th.

I don’t know whats happening with Ike Davis but he just looks AWFUL at the dish. Another 0-2 dropp ed him to .131 on the year. Almost .100 points BELOW the struggling Duda who upped his avg to .228.

I’m happy we got that win but it felt like an empty victory. Johan ain’t gonna pitch every day and we just lost Big Pelf who has been quietly having a GREAT season so far.

I was disappointed to hear Jose get any boos whatsoever last night. His initial appearance at the plate produced an underwhelming crowd response - mostly because there were about 37 fans in the stands at that point but IMO no Met fan should have booed Reyes.

WTF is a “Mr Met Cling”??? SNY kept promo-ing it during the game as an upcoming giveaway but refused to tell or show us what a “Cling” is. I know the Mets have a grand history of screwing up easy things but you’d think it would occur to someone in promotions to explain what the actual promotion is.

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