Did the Bubble Burst?

If you’re a Met fan like BMF you’ve been sleeping with one eye open waiting for this magical bubble to burst. 

I don’t expect the Mets to win anything this year, nor did I anticipate a plus .500 season. But once we got off to this surprisingly good start my hopes of a competitive season began to grow. Obviously we’re still in May so it’s sorta silly to get to hyped about anything, but watching the Mets get their ass kicked by the Giants in Monday’s double header was incredibly discouraging.

Losing 3 of 4 and not even facing Matt Cain doesn’t bode well for the state of the Mets.

So after 2 plus weeks we’re 8-8.

I have a bad feeling getting beat up by the Giants may tip us the wrong way. Now the Marlins come to town and if they so push us around we may be headed for a free fall.

The Fish have been under achieving and we’re been over achieving so this series really smells like trouble to me.

I would expect Jose to get a tremendous ovation when he leads off in the top of the first. Jose has been awfully quiet so far this season so it makes perfect sense that he will suddenly roar to life and thrash the Mets in front of our eyes.

The crazy thing is I don’t think I can root against Jose…

10 Responses to “Did the Bubble Burst?”

  1. GroteFan Says:

    Still looking for two to take one of the kids to see his fav…Jose!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I think it’s April!…We are closer to the basement then the top!

    Maybe you meant to say we will be out of it by May!

    Can somebody explain to me why we left the starting rotation yesterday?

  3. Phantom Says:

    Maybe Jose can get a base hit and then take himself out of the game.

  4. Matt Says:

    When you are starting Miguel Batista how can you expect anything but a loss? Blame management for the doubleheader sweep. I still can’t believe the guy even made the big league club this year. Hard to argue with most of Alderson’s moves so far this year, but on this one I blame management.

    Gee has been okay this year, but when he pitches the game is far from a sure thing.

    series with the Marlins will be telling indeed.

  5. Buck Says:

    FMFR - The only thing I can figure is that if Johan pitched yesterday and with no off day this week, Johan would then have to pitch again on Friday night with only 4 days rest. Now they are back on schedule with Johan going today and then presumably again on Sunday.

    I’m with you though……it just seemed like throwing Batista out there was a white flag. I assumed the sweep would happen yesterday and unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong!

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    grotefan: hey, even though the Mets site has the game as a sell out, Stub Hub seems to have a bunch of good seats, starting at 14 bucks apiece, with instant download to boot.

  7. foxster Says:

    the always Amazings look more and more like Charlie Brown’s team of under achievers we can see in our newspapers comic section almost every day. one thing though, the Mets aren’t very amusing.

  8. CW Says:

    Grotefan and dude: Tonight’s game is not sold out. In fact, you can get tickets in left field landing for $25 each (including all fees) that includes a hot dog (or hamburger), french fries, and a soda. Just go to mets site and click on single game tix. Then for todays game just click “ticket offers” and select the “power pack’ Not a bad deal.

  9. GroteFan Says:

    CW- I am going to do that….My son will love that!

  10. GroteFan Says:

    So got the Left Field Landing tixx which aren’t great, but my son will love the idea of “free food”, he doesn’t quite get it’s not quite free, the old man almost always pays…
    There are also nice tixx in the caesers box for $39 per….total out the door price is about $94 for 2….including the food.
    Great tip.

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