Bizarre Email Blast from Wilpons

If you’re on the Mets list you got an awfully suspicious, email blast yesterday.

I think the Mets may have a major financial problem on their hands.

Select excerpts:

“Dear Mets Fans:

As Sterling Equities announced in December, we are engaged in discussions to settle a lawsuit brought against us and other Sterling partners and members of our families by the Trustee in the Madoff bankruptcy…

However, to address the air of uncertainty created by this lawsuit, and to provide additional assurance that the New York Mets will continue to have the necessary resources to fully compete and win, we are looking at a number of potential options including the addition of one or more strategic partners…

Regardless of the outcome of this exploration, Sterling will remain the principal ownership group of the Mets…

We wanted to share this information with you concurrent with sharing it with all Mets employees and the media. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

This is obviously an effort to control the message before the media smells blood in the water which tells me the Mets believe there is a MAJOR issue brewing.

The line that trips me up is,

“…we are looking at a number of potential options including the addition of one or more strategic partners…”

Which to me sounds like, “We need money!”

If the Wilpons suddenly need to sell off part of the Mets ya gotta imagine they’re about to get hammered on all that money they “withdrew” from Madoff.

It’s gonna be VERY interesting to see how this unfolds…

13 Responses to “Bizarre Email Blast from Wilpons”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Great news!!

    Sporting News, Athlon, and Lindys 2011 baseball preview magazines pick us to finish 4th.

    We might not suck as much as the Nationals!

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I think it’s bizarre the way they send out these emails informing fans of all of this stuff. We get told how the GM search is going, how the manager search is going, how player acquisition is proceeding, details of the owners finances. TMI, is all I’m saying. I’d love it if the Mets were owned by the fans, like the Packers, but unless that’s what the Wilpons have in mind, why do they feel the need to give out all of these details? It’s very strange.

  3. Met_Maven Says:

    I like that the Mets give out the information to their fans. Its one of the few things they do right. Instead of rumors flying around, we here the info right from the horses mouth (or other end in the case of Jeffy boy).

    My offer still stands from yesterday, lets pool our money together and buy 25% of the team and with any luck in a few years we can buy it all from the Wilpons and run this team the right way!

    Let’s go Mets go!

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    well this only confirms what most of us thought all along .. the Maidoff scandal hurt the Wilpons more than they let on .. welcome to small market thinking in a big town

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    I’m in….anybody got change for a twnty?
    Plus can WE get the naming rights and call it New Shea or Gil Hodges Field or something better than after a bank?

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Once my check to purchase the team passes the “Madoff Clearing Hous. I will change the name of the team

    New York MeSS!

  7. charlie sheen Says:

    Time to go for the throat, mutts fans.

    This is the break we have been waiting for. The inept, deplorable wilpons are on the ropes. If you love the mets, the best thing you can do now is boycott with all your heart to push fred and jeff over the brink - i.e., make them sell a MAJORITY stake.

    If you want 50 more years of failure, you’ll run out now and buy tickets, hats, yearbooks, etc. and prop up the hosni wilpon’s failing regime. If you want real change so that we get some semblance of dignity from this organization, you need to hurt these guys in their wallets right now.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. I see the day when fred and jeff are gone. It’s in our hands. What are you going to do? Extend a hand to jeff and fred or let them slip away? You know what the future of the mets looks like with the wilpons. just look at the past.

  8. JJ Says:


  9. CowCrusher Says:

    Yo chuck sheen…out of rehab already?…still think the Feds imploded the WTC?
    Wow! While I would love to see the meddling wilpons take a hike, I don’t think we can wait that long with the world ending on 12 21 12…hey, like Hollywood is ever wrong? ;P
    Anyway, the best thing we can hope for is a buyout and another ‘fire sale’. Remember that old NY lottery ad with the guy playing badly for a NY team….they keep him on….because he happens to OWN IT|

  10. Jeff Says:

    I hear Jerry Seinfeld might have a few bucks laying around doing nothing… Mat Broderick, Chris Rock and Glenn Close, too.

    These Hollowood types are always shooting their mouths off about one good cause or another, right? How ’bout a few shekels gettin’ thrown our way?

  11. CowCrusher Says:

    I always thought Seinfeld would be a good candidate as a Met owner…he certainly has got the cash…syndication is a great incentive…plus don’t forget Kevin Jame,s, Chriis Rock and David Spade as huge Met fans…..Glenn Cloae could sing the National anthem everytime.

  12. foxster Says:

    i’m planning to make an offer of $99.95 for a minority ownership stake in the NY Mets.

    every one who posts here at the Brooklyn Met Fan is invited to join me in my private Minority Owners Box at CitiField, when the deal goes through.

    seriously, things just go from worse to worser in MetsTown. the upcoming 2011 season is looking bleaker and bleaker.

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    do you think Keith reads this blog? If so, perhaps he should give Jerry a shout and have him write the Wilpons a check with rest of us in Metland covering the incidentals and getting a piece of the action as long as we keep Lady Gag-gag out of his box;)

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