Double Dip Monday

Lincecum has been getting lit up every game so far so I like our chances in game 1…

Game thread…

3 Responses to “Double Dip Monday”

  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    Why is Miguel Batista on the team?

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Why did we go with a relief starter anyway? Can someone explain this to me? Are that confident, cocky, or stupid?

    If we were going to come up short later this week, worry about it then!…….Win today darn it!!!!….Let tomorrow take care of itself!

    Oh, by the way, scoring 1 run in a doubleheader ain’t gonna get it done.

    .500 and heading in the wrong direction…..getting mighty close to the basement and still only in April!….YIKES!

    So much for that fast start….seems eons ago!

  3. Met_Maven Says:

    I think I just got a vision from the future. There will be a bunch of postings along the lines of:

    “This team showed its true colors, the opening week was the best they’ll do all year, this team is going nowhere fast, why won’t the Wilpons sell the team, this team will never see .500 again…”

    Only for the Mets to go on a winning streak (it will happen) and everyone will turn around and say things like:

    “I knew this team could do it, I love how they’re playing, I told you all this team had what it takes…”

    Only for this to go on and on all season.

    This is a .500 team and while it’s great to see them start off the season so hot, we all have to realize they were bound to cool off just as fast as they did. With any luck they can take 2 of 3 from the Marlins but to think this team will stay above .500 for any length of time is wishful thinking. I hope I’m wrong, but this isn’t the year to get excited. Its a year for them to call up the young kids to the bigs and see what they have. Maybe they kids will surprise us, but our goal this year should be .500 and see what we can do to improve the team in the off season. With the All Star Game coming to Flushing next year, the Wilpons will not want to field a team that A) has no All Star representatives; and B) they will not want the focus of the baseball world on how the team has been unable to recover since ‘06. Have faith and be patient Met fans. It will take time but the future will get better slowly but surely.


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