Wacky Saturday Game

Crazy 9th inning as each team’s D did their best to give the game away.  What a shame to see Pelfrey’s latest very solid outing go to waste but more important is Big Pelf looked effective and confident all afternoon.

I don’t know why the SNY guys initially blamed Tejada for not catching Belt’s game tying “double” with 2 out in the 9th. It was painfully obvious it was Nieuwenheis’ play. The ball was VERY deep for a SS to get to and was comfortably in front of the CF who merely overran the ball.

But luckily the Giants gave it back when 1st Huff missed an assignment to pivot at second and turn 2. Instead he broke towards first on contact … Which is exactly what happens when you put a 35 yr old vet who’s never played second before at second base. 

So Burriss, now at short, was forced to throw to first and he got the runner but the ump blew the call in our favor.

After that Posey helped more when he threw wide left to 1st after getting the force at the plate in the 9th. He may have been interfered with as Hairston slid into him.

Sunday is rubber game and would be an important win to get…


Unbelievable to watch our ex-prospect Humber thrown a perfect game. 27 up and 27 down. Good for him… Torture for the Mets who are now at 50 years plus w/o a no-no.

Meanwhile, I don’t blame the ump for helping the kid out but Ryan DID NOT swing at that final pitch which was clearly a ball. 


How the F did the yankees come back on BOS after trailing 9-0 in the 5th to win 15-9. They were booing Bobby V who has gotten off to a less that ideal start up there - Wow! Didn’t see that coming.

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  1. Irish Mike Says:

    I didn’t have the chance to watch the game but caught wind of all the, ahem, highlights, from friends and the radio. Then I watched the last three innings and I guess because I already knew the outcome I was able to watch with some emotional detachment and what I saw was the most pathetic display of baseball from every angle that I can ever recall. Hitting, fielding, baserunning, pitching, managing, umpiring, broadcasting and official scoring. Seriously it was pathetic.

    Hitting – okay there was nothing technically wrong with the hitting even though the Mets are generally bad at it right now.

    Managing – everything by the stupid “book” of which all copies need to be destroyed – artificial pitch count restrictions, bringing in the “closer” to get a “save”, righty/lefty, lefty/righty blah blah blah, thus winding up with a cardboard cutout of Aubrey Huff at 2nd base and none of it worked. But they went by the “book” so all is forgiven.

    Baserunning – is David Wright serious dancing off 2nd base trying to steal 3rd with 1 out, luring Ike into getting picked off (not that Ike is blameless there) and then actually trying it one pitch later? WTF? Was he channeling Angel Pagan since Angel was in the house?

    Pitching – I think Frank Frank has been exposed as the mediocre reliever he is. And for anyone who complained (no one did here) that Friday night was not his fault because it was not a “save” situation and he shouldn’t be brought in in those situations – first of all BS and second of all he proved yesterday he can suck in any situation.

    Umpiring – one possible blown call and one definite blown call at first (a very late inning game changer at that) but thankfully in the Mets favor. But the next one(s) won’t be…

    Fielding – Neuwenhuis has to catch that ball. Rookie mistake? A major league level player should be able to catch a routine fly ball. People use the term rookie mistake like they are talking about some guy roped into playing softball for the first time in his life at the company picnic. A professional baseball player who has been an elite level player all his life should be able to make routine plays.

    Broadcasting – like BMF I was astonished the hear Darling and Cohen blaming Tejada for that play. Hint – when an outfielder is able not only to get to the ball but to actually OVERRUN it then it is the outfielder’s ball. To their credit they acknowledged their mistake when they came back from the break. But still…

    Official Scoring – how can a batter hitting a routine fly ball be given a double?! And the offending fielder get off clean. How can a batter who hits a routine ground ball be given a single because an idiot fielder isn’t where he belongs? Where is it written down that these plays cannot be errors because the fielder never touched the ball? That only proves that he was woefully out of position – you are more likely to be charged with an error if you are at least decent enough to get close to the ball.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    My “GO BIG PELF” shirt is happy that it gets out of the depths of my met shirt drawer and gets to live for another start!….Pelf deserved better!

    A win is a win and 8-6 sure looks better than 7-7. Losing this game, combined with a 3 game losing streak could have led us to a TC meltdown 1.0

    The thrill of the fast start is long gone but this team is hanging in so far.


  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM summed up the Mets game perfectly so I’ll leave that alone. But I’m curious what others think about BMF’s contention Ryan didn’t swing at Humber’s final pitch. I thought the same and then slowed down the replays and couldn’t tell.

    I kept waiting but FOX never showed the side-angle camera of the batter which would give a better look at the play. I suppose it’s possible all the cameras were on other elements of the perfect game, but it seems unlikely they wouldn’t have that shot. If they did, did they not show it because they didn’t want to ruin the moment? And if he didn’t swing, do we think the ump was influenced by Jim Joyce blowing Gallarraga’s game? Calling all Oliver Stones!

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    IM: you’ve said it perfectly. I completely agree.

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