Angel’s Revenge 

As much as BMF didn’t want to lose fri nite I will tip my cap and applaud Pagan for a triumphant return. In fact his solo shot made all the difference in the 4-3 loss.

I always was, and still am, a big Pagan fan. So long as he’s healthy he can be an incredibly valuable player. I guess the Mets quit on him after last season, can’t blame ‘em after a major regression.


Great play by Nickeas to catch short hop from Wright and tag out Melky Caberra.  Mex was right Cabrera should be been running inside the baseline to legally interfere with throw - if he’d done that he would’ve been safe


If Kirk continues balls to the wall play I don’t think you can sit him down in 2 weeks when Torres “returns” - to a team he is yet to really play for.  I like Nieuwenhuis’ energy on this team.  You can’t send him down if he’s playing well.

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