Day Game Alert

Not sure how much of this game is going to be played due to a steady rain in the ATL….

Game thread…

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  1. Irish Mike Says:

    I remain thoroughly underwhelmed by Tim Teuful as a 3rd base coach. First the vaudeville act with Baxter a few games ago and now he sends Wright home with one out and he’s out by 20 feet. Seriously he is obviously not up to the task but I’ll bet TC won’t do anything about it and the team will suffer.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    Sounds like Teufel’s campaign for the Dale Sveum Hall-of-Fame is well underway.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We need a rainout bad!

  4. Irish Mike Says:

    Hey FMFR this game ain’t over yet!

    Dickey’s 1st inning was as dominant as you can imagine - I swear he was on his way to a great outing. Then the rain picks up which straightens out the knuckler and he looks like he’s throwing BP. The fickle fate of the knuckleballer I guess. Thankfully Juergens didn’t have much today either.

  5. Irish Mike Says:

    Seriously Teuful costs us ANOTHER run over there? Sending Murph home on a grounder with no one out? He needs to be yanked right now. Let’s just say it doesn’t look good when two guys are thrown out by 10+ feet two innings apart.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    Let’s just say his candidacy for the DSHoF got a major boost.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I know this sounds crazy but what about the idea of starting someone else besides R.A. knowing that the rain would effect his knuckleball?

    I guess it would throw the rotation off, but I wounder if it was even considered?

  8. foxster Says:

    14 to 6? guess that rain wasn’t too much of a problem for the Braves. two blow outs in a row.

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