Santana - Yikes!!!

Holy Crap that was an awful outing for Johan: 6R, 5ER, 4H, 1BB in 1.1 IP in what would amount to the shortest outing of his career.

Shoddy defense from Bay and Ike certainly didn’t help Johan but something wasn’t right. Judging from his previous starts this year he’s healthy and has still got “it” so maybe the extra day of rest the Mets are carving out for him adversely affected him?

I wouldn’t think it would put him that far off his game but if you’re a big routine guy something like an extra day just might knock you off kilter.

If someone has find the “get back ON kilter” button please press it for Duda and Ike Davis with their miserable batting avgs .171 and .125 respectively.

They’ve got a couple HR’s which have distracted us a little but c’mon these guys aren’t even close to the Mendoza line.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    8-4 sounds alot better than 7-5. Lerts see if the Mets hang on and can take the series.

    Everybody has a stinker once and awhile, it is that we consider Santana to be the ace and we have to realize he is not anymore.

    As long as the pitching can hang around and keep its pace we can be OK.


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