Same Off Season Song 

Sorry folks don’t mean to be a buzz kill but one thing struck me while reading how Terry Collin’s Mets are expected to be “better prepared on defense” — what a bunch of bullish*t.

I heard the same thing when Jerry took over, and Willie and Bobby and Omar and pretty much every other skipper or GM the Mets have ever had.

At this point it’s become white noise, like a campaign promise by a politician on the stump. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s merely regurgitated soundbites that serve as something to say to the media while it’s snowing in January.

Is hearing that Collins is going to “instill confidence in his players” supposed to make me feel better about this team? C’mon Jerry was very much a skipper who built confidence in his players so this is no quantum reversal of philosophy.

No one is at fault here. What else is Collins supposed to say? “We’re gonna throw at batter’s heads go prove were the baddest mofo’s in the league”??? Of course not, although that would be refreshing (lol) 

And what else is the media supposed to talk about? Chin-lung Hu the skinny Taiwanese middle infielder we got from the Dodgers?

It’s just ridiculous to hear the Mets will be rededicating themselves to fundamentals or will be better prepared to run the bases or some other crap.

Honestly at this point I don’t want to hear anything from anyone. I just want to see this team compete on the field.

Can you tell I’m getting irritable waiting for pitchers and catchers?!?

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  1. GMaster7 Says:

    Haha, gotta admit that I feel the same way, BMF! Willie’s Mets were over-confident, Jerry’s Mets said they’d get back to basics but lacked confidence, and now I’m hoping for something in between, but we’ll have to see! At least Terry is less of a silly gangsta than Jerry was. I found Jerry Manuel’s routine refreshing at first, because I was looking for a change, but I find that Terry looks like a confident baseball mind. I really hope that this team gets off to a hot start and somehow that snowballs into more success and a confident, talented group. They won’t win the NL East this year… but these are the Mets that I love. We’ll need some unlikely heroes in the rotation, which may not happen at all, but the fact that it’s even a possibility is what makes Spring Training and a new season so damn exciting! BMF - keep up the great work with the site!

  2. Matthew Cerrone Says:

    I hear ya, Adam, and I remain skeptical of the talk until I actually see them play better, for an extended period of time, during the season…

    However, I’m not sure anything is designed to make us feel anything… or at least I am sure that is not the goal.

    Instead, perhaps new people have new ideas and hope to get new results… and we’re expected to not to ‘feel’ anything, but to just wait and see.

  3. Pissed Off At NY Sports Fans Says:

    This is what I hate about New York sports fans: they’re never happy. Listen to talk radio, be it The Fan or ESPN or a college radio sports hour. Everyone complains, sometimes its legit beef, other times its over something dumb. I remember Yankee fans “worrying” about their billion dollar team in Sept of ‘09 b/c they lost 2 of 9 on a road trip. Or the Mets worrying about not sign the biggest name in the off season even if we had a decent player at that position. I’ve seen fans here complaining when the team says how its focusing on fundamentals, to improving offense or defense and people complain that they are saying the same old thing and want their actions to speak for them. ITS FRIGGIN JANUARY! All they can do is talk now. When a new manager / gm / hitting coach / pitching coach / whoever comes in they HAVE to say something positive or feel the venom of the fans for being too quiet. Then when they speak its the same old thing and the fans don’t want to hear it. Yes, the best way to prove a change is made is to do so on the field. But when that’s still a few weeks/months away, let them talk. On the flip side to that coin is if they don’t speak people are going ot say they can’t believe no one has said anything about what they are going ot do with this team. I guarantee you, if the Mets had gone all of January without saying anything, talk radio and the blogosphere would be going crazy saying the team has no direction. It seems like Alderson & Collins have worn out their welcome and everyone is pissed they didn’t Yankify the team & buy as many big names as possible just to say we bought the biggest names available. Can’t we wait for the season to actually start before we criticize them for something they said in January? Seriously people!

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Did the Mets really have a press conference to announce the addition of a middle infielder with a .191 lifetime average named Ho ? I mean Hu ?

    is this officially the bottom?

    someone mentioned Gil Meche last post .. who walked away from a 12M salary … embarrassed to take the money .. Hey Gil !! can you talk to the joke of LHP we have named Perez?

    oh and Matt Cerrone … Believe me .. I feel nothing …

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    What buzz kill? As far as I can recall there was never any BUZZ to KILL!!

    Keep your shirt on!….I hope its a “GO BIG PELF ONE!”….Shovel some snow!…19 more days!

    You think this winter off season was long?…Wait till you see the real season!

    Thank Goodness we have Spring Training!…I ll be there when the 1000 no name pitchers we signed work out for the first

    Someone call Guiness!..We have set a world record for the most players on a team hitting under .200

    No wonder they are talking about being better defensively!


  6. Met_Maven Says:

    I’m psyched about this season. I love baseball and don’t care how good/bad they are, I miss going to Shea, watchin’ BP and hangin’ on the bridge with my friends. Make the best of things, ya know? Stay positive Met fans! The longest journey starts with a single step, the Alderson/Collins regime has only taken the first step on the path to correct the wrongs of the past!We can choose to be bitter or we can choose to take the team for what it is and enjoy the season best we can.


  7. USMF Says:

    The message is the same thing everyone preaches every year… Anyone’s “act” is only refreshing as long as it leads to winning.

    In 09 the D and base running was terrible, which I think a lot of it was due to lots of lower talent guys playing a lot and out of position because of the insane amount of injuries.

    Last year Jerry was preaching fielding and fundamentals. The reality was, our Fielding, Pitching and base running was really good. It was our hitting that sucked. While our basic pitching and fielding stats all were easily in the top 3rd of baseball, our hitting was consistently in the bottom 3rd.

    lets face it, hitting helps you make the playoffs, but pitching wins the playoffs.

  8. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    That guy thinks the NY Sports fan overreacts? laughable .. check out the Boston Herald after the Jets beat the Pats .. or the Philly paper when the Eagles lost? or Chicago with Cutler? I did ..


    what bothers me is telling us these signings are part of a “plan” - yeh a plan to sell tickets .. IF or when we turn it around I sincerely doubt a man named Ho (I mean Hu ..I keep doing that bad) is going to the centerpiece..

  9. A Phanatic Says:

    the iggles lost?! &%$#!!!

  10. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    hoped you were reading that !!?? LOL !!

  11. Jeff Says:

    Don’t suppose anybody’s got a clip of what Gil Hodges’ spiel was before spring training in ‘69, or Davey Johnson’s for that matter just before ‘86? BMF, that’d put all this s**te into it’s proper perspective in a hurry, wouldn’t it?

    Until then, you do what we’ve all done for far too long — ignore the snow, suck on the hype and pray for a winning Mets team to materialize just once more before you die.

    Oh, and we get an extra shot of adrenaline next month with NASCAR when they start out 3-wide at Daytona, if you’re so inclined…

  12. Michael Says:

    I wonder what kind of fanbase we have become. I’m old enough to remember when there were far worse mets teams than the last couple years.

    This is going to take time with a new front office, manager, and coaches. Yet already this fanbase, aided by a myopic sports media wants to give the new regime an F grade.

    I’m realizing more and more if there’s any ‘curse’ to the mets, it’s with too many of their fans

  13. Michael Says:

    PS–Enjoy the games. They were mean’t for enjoyment. If you can’t enjoy the team, then maybe it’s time to do something else with your free time

  14. Sensitive Sam Says:

    Ouch ..

  15. USMF Says:

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  16. A Phanatic Says:

    You remind me of my jeep.

  17. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    If you need something to do get rid of MOJO KITTY!!

    I just picked up Lindy’s, Athlon and Sporting News 2011 Baseball Previews!….

    16 Days for some teams till “Pitchers and Catchers Report!!!

  18. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Yes in fact I CAN tell, BMF!

    Impatience is the root of all evil in America. We want It Now, we want results yesterday, and god help you if you’ve merely prevented catastrophe coz you’ll get ignored.

    Anyway, thanks a lot USMF for making that song run in my head.

  19. USMF Says:

    Phan, by “You remind me of my jeep” do you mean…

    Old, broken down, smelly and high maintenance.covered with burn marks left by “legal tobacco products” and covered in stains from various fluids including Jolt Colo, ketchup, Big Mac Special Sauce, beer, sweat, tears, cheep women and urine with a distinct aura of failure and a life wasted?

    if so…you know me too well.

    Prof…I can already create in my head a Mets montage set to that music. It sadly fits our history with the Mets all too well.

  20. USMF Says:

    BTW…I love that song, especially this version.

  21. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    So does this mean I can now by “shares” in the Mets?

  22. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    make that “buy” shares

  23. Met_Maven Says:

    Calling all Mets fans to join me to purchase 25% of the Mets….If you’re with me let me know. Only need $49,999,999 more bucks…

  24. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Met_Maven: I’m in for twenty bucks, but only if I get the power to veto those black uniforms.

  25. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    BMF: here is something to keep you busy and give the BMFers so finish omething to talk about.

    Lets set up a” K-Rod Countdown on the site so we can follow how many games he need to finish for his 17.5 million dollar option to kick in?

    We could post the K-Rod quote of the day!…Can’t wait to hear them!!!

  26. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Can we talk about the Wilpons and the Madoff issue now?

    BMF, you are just cranky—give it a couple weeks, once pitchers and catchers show up you’ll feel better.

  27. Met_Maven Says:

    TDFKABL: If we get this, black uniforms totally vetoed… as will every other except: Pinstripe, ‘86 style racing stripes (Sunday games), and traditional road grays. Absolutely no “gimmicky” uniforms… except the Mercury Mets

  28. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Met_Maven: Count me in for a share!

    Tell Bernie to deduct it from my Account!

  29. CowCrusher Says:

    What happened to the “send Ollie away from camp” fund? Did somebody raid the tip jar at Blondie’s?;)

  30. Met_Maven Says:

    I’ll trade OP and Castillo for a hot dog vendor to be named later

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