I couldn’t be less interested in Andres Torres coming back if I tried. I was sorta excited by him at the beginning of spring training but at this point I’d rather go with youth in CF. 

I guess Torres can have a productive year for us but he’s still a retread with a limited upside as opposed to den Deker or Valdespin for instance. Neither of these guys is really ready for The Show but as a fan I’d be much more interested in watching a guy with a future as opposed to a SF Giant who is trying to bounce back in NY. 

I’m just sayin’…

Meanwhile inking Niese to a 5 year deal in the 28M range is w/o a doubt the right move. There’s nothing not to like about Jon Niese. He’s young, gutty, wins and best of all he’s a lefty. This deal will allow the Mets to control him at a very sub market rate through his first year of full free agency. 

Let’s go already with the season… No one cares about spring games anymore ….

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    “No one cares about spring games anymore”-BMF, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have seen more bad Mets baseball in the last 30 days to last a lifetime.

    Single A, Double A or starters, this team stinks more than the two landfills I have to pass on I-95 to get to the Stadium.

    I just hope this team can flip the switch on Thursday, like you guys think. What are the other teams going to do, turn off their switch?

    I hope they start selling gas masks at Shea 2, because the stench called the Mets is coming to a ballpark near you.

  2. Howard Says:

    With the horrendous relief outings of FF (whatever you wish the initials to mean) in Spring training, I wonder if the Mets will consider giving Parnell another shot given the divine wisdom offered him from Koufax.

    I can only imagine opening day, and Johan pitching 7 shut out innings to hold a 2-1 lead, and Francisco blowing the game in the ninth. They would have to put him in a witness protection program.

    I have missed Jason Bay. Cant wait to see him when not striking out, hitting fly balls to the new warning track in left field, and telling Mets officials that they need to move in the fences another 20 feet.

    On a positive, I like the rotation minus Pelphrey. I believe the Mets will give him 3 or 4 outings and if he does not perform, they will give one of the young guys from the minors a shot.

    And I think Duda, Ike, and Wright will be solid.

    I think this season can go eitiher way depending on the health of Santana, if they can get a solid closer in there, and if one guy who they are not that high on, has a really good year.

  3. Irish Mike Says:

    “this team stinks more than the two landfills I have to pass on I-95 to get to the Stadium.”


  4. USMF Says:

    Don’t worry, Alderson the Genus will fix everything…

    …I mean sure, he traded away our best power hitter and closer last year and “punted” last season…

    …sure he let our best player walk, but he made a funny joke about it…

    …and yeah, he didn’t improve the rotation, or the bench, or the catching situation, but he did bring in two journeymen relievers who’ve failed as closers for 15mil to “fix” the bullpen…

    ..but he fixed the problems with the medical staff and has gotten rid of the odd ball injuries that seem to never heal or get mis-diagnosed…

    …but it’ll be OK, look the success he had in Oakland and San Diego, I mean sure…he lost a hell of a lot more than he won, but he was stuck with teams that had to cut payroll and get rid of their best players…he won’t have to deal with that problem here.

  5. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    I don’t get it! Alderson has been here one whole year and he hasn’t turned us into world champions yet?!?! I don’t care that it was a year in which his bosses told him he had to slash payroll and jettison high price players!!! This is New York, damn it!! There is NO ROOM FOR COMMON SENSE HERE!!!!! Being in NY means we are above everyone else!! We should just throw money at every free agent possible!!! Our philosophy is a simple one, just listen to sports talk radio and read the NY sport blogs! Someone is doing bad, trade em!

    New York Fans are getting worse and worse! Not just the Yankee fans, but Met fans too! It used to be the Yankee fans were the only ones around NY that had the “we deserve to win and have the best team no matter what” attitude. Now, the Met fan wants that and doesn’t want to wait. Instant gratification. That what we want!

    Here’s the thing, Omar did what the fans wanted by signing and trading for big players with big money contracts. When that didn’t work, the fans got pissed for him for not having a farm (no one seemed to care in ‘06 & ‘07). Now, the Mets are rebuilding their farm, jettisoning payroll and without using the “R” word have all but admitted that 2011 & 2012 are the start of the rebuilding years.

    Now that the Mets are out of the Madoff mess, they can take the money from their outside sources and put it back into the team. Personally, I don’t want them signing a bunch of free agents. I’d rather they build a strong farm and build the team like Cashen did in the 80’s. A mix of kids from the farm, some experienced journeymen and making good trades for FAs instead of pissing away money on big contracts just to appease the fans. Spending money doesn’t always translate to championships. Making knee jerk Free Agent signings just to grab the back page. It will take time to bring the Mets back from all the damage they’ve been through over the past few years. I’d rather sacrifice another year and develop players and unload big contracts (Bay, Santana and yes, even Wright) if that’ll lead to a solid consistent team who can make and get deep into the playoffs.

    The medical / training staff was the Wilpons decision. I actually contacted the Mets about this and the response I got from them regarding the Medical staff was re-evaluated and because the injuries (both number and severity) were less than in 2010 & 2009. The staffs will be reviewed after this season. Medical and training staffs are not changed during the season. While I call BS on that, that’s the Wilpons call.

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